02_html5+css Detailed first day

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  1. HTML5 Concept: HTML is Hypertext Markup Language (hypertext Makeup Language), is a simple syntax, clear structure of the explanatory document, different from other programming languages.
  2. HTML5 New Page structure
    The header element represents a chunk of content in the page or the title of the entire page The Nav element represents the navigation link section of the page article element represents a piece of independent content in the page that is not relevant to the context, such as an article in an article? "Understanding incompetence" section element represents a block of content in a page, such as the header and footer of a chapter, can also be used in conjunction with HN, marking the structure of the document, the content block without the title is not recommended to use the Sectionaside element to represent the contents of the article element, Auxiliary information related to content footer element represents the footer of a page or a section of a page, such as when the article was created, author, contact, etc.


    1. How to use the article element
            <p> Wonderful article! </p> 
       <p><small> All rights reserved </small></p>

    2. How to use the section element

      * Use article when a piece of content is relatively independent, use section

    3. when you want to divide separate content into segments
    4. How to use aside elements
      Use method One, as the subsidiary information part of the main content

      Using method Two, as a global page of the subsidiary information
      <p> National Day holiday Notice </p>
      <p> Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice </p>


    5. How to use the nav element
      1. Traditional navigation bar 2, sidebar navigation 3, internal navigation 4, page flipping operation


    6. Time element and pubdate property
      <p> release time: <time datetime= "2017-11-27" pubdate>2017 year November 27 </time></p>

       * Used to identify the machine, easy search engine, crawler analysis

    7. header element
      <style type= "Text/css"; 
       *{margin:0;padding: 0}
       body{font-family: ' Microsoft Jas Black '; text-align:center;}
        color: #f60;
        background: #f60;
       nav li{
        background: #000;
        padding:5px 10px;

    8. Hgroup is the element that groups the title and its sub-headings, and the Hgroup element generally groups the H1-H6 elements. For example, the title of a content block and its sub-headings are a group. Typically, when an article has only one main title, it is not required for the Hgroup element.



    9. Footer elements

      <style type= "Text/css" >*{margin:0;padding:0;} body{font-family: ' Microsoft Jas Black '; text-align:center;} A{text-decoration:none;color: #555;} </style><div class= "Footer" ><p><a href= "" > Copyright information </a> |<a href= "" > About Us </a> | <a href= "" > Contact us </a> |<a href= "" > Sitemap </a> |</p><p> Wheat Academy All rights reserved </p></div >

        * You can also add footer elements to article elements or section elements, and footnotes

    10. The address element is used to render contact information on the page, including the author of the document, the mailbox, address, telephone information, and so on, and can be used to display all contact information about the contact with the article.


02_html5+css Detailed first day

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