03. Configure Putty to connect to the Linux system and enable both Chinese and English input and output. Configure the VNC server.

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RunSudo apt-Get Install SSHInstall the SSH service, and then you can use the Super Terminal to connect to port 22 of the server to operate the Linux server.
We use putty as an example to connect to Ubuntu and implement Input and Output in both Chinese and English.

1. Putty configuration: window-> appearance-> font settings, select the font of the beautiful spot, but it is harmless.
2. Window-> Translation: Select utf8 and OK as the decoding method.

Through the above two steps, you can use Putty to control Linux, but the graphical interface requires a VNC server.
In ubuntu, the "Remote Desktop viewer" is available. Select Remote Desktop preferences-> General:
Sharing allows you to share and control the desktop. For security options, only select "password needed" and enter your password. For security options in advanced options, select "lock screen upon disconnection". OK!

In this way, you can install vncview on the client to view your Linux server, or log on through SSH Through putty. Programming and development skills are ready!


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