0.3 million foreigners are very afraid of the Chinese people

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GizmodoReports,Recommended Google search technologyAfter entering text in the Google search box, a common keyword prompt is displayed. Some foreigners found some interesting information in Google's search recommendations.

Open your browser and enter Google. In the search box, type "I am extremely" (I feel very ......), Google will list the most common search content, as shown in. Chinese netizens should pay attention to the last content.

According to the information, 12.3 million of web pages, people say they are very tired.

On 11.1 million of webpages, people say they are bored.

On 4.7 million of webpages, people say they are extremely frustrated.

People are extremely shy when there are 3.58 million web pages.

People are satisfied with the fact that there are 0.93 million web pages.

People are very grateful for the fact that there are 0.83 million web pages.

People are very happy to have 0.76 million webpages.

There are 0.37 million web pages, and people are very jealous.

People feel very lonely when there are 0.32 million web pages.

Finally, on 0.3 million of webpages, people say they are extremely afraid of the Chinese people (I am extremely terrified of Chinese people ).

I really don't understand. China will not output revolution, hunger and poverty, and 3 will not toss you, foreigners who are full and have nothing to do, what do you fear about the Chinese people?

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