03-Tree 1 isomorphism of trees

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Given two trees T1 and T2. If T1 can be converted to T2 by several times or so, we call the two trees "isomorphic". Example 1 gives the two trees is isomorphic, because we put one of the nodes of a tree, a, B, g of the children of the right and left after the exchange, we get another tree. and Figure 2 is not isomorphic.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Now given two trees, please judge whether they are isomorphic.

Input format:

Enter information for 2 binary tree trees. For each tree, a non-negative integer is given first in a rowNN\le 10≤10), which is the node number of the tree (this assumes that the node is from 0 toN-1n −1 number), then n< span class= "Strut" > n Rows, section ii line corresponding number first ii nodes, gives the 1 English capital letters stored in the node, the number of their left child nodes, and the number of right child nodes. If the child's node is empty, the "-" is given in the appropriate location. The given data is separated by a single space. Note: The title guarantees that the letters stored in each node are different.

Output format:

If the two trees are isomorphic, output "Yes", otherwise output "No".

Input sample 1 (corresponding to Figure 1):
8A 1 2B 3 4C 5 -D - -E 6 -G 7 -F - -H - -8G - 4B 7 6F - -A 5 1H - -C 0 -D - -E 2 -
Output Example 1:
Input sample 2 (corresponding to Figure 2):
8B 5 7F - -A 0 3C 6 -H - -D - -G 4 -E 1 -8D 6 -B 5 -E - -H - -C 0 2G - 3F - -A 1 4
Output Example 2:

1#include <stdio.h>2 3 #defineOK 14 #defineERROR 05 6 #defineMaxtree 107 #defineNull-1//NULL 0 different from the system8 9typedefintStatus;/*Status is the type of the function, whose value is the function result status code, such as OK, etc.*/TentypedefCharElementType;/*the Elemtype type is based on the actual situation and is assumed to be char*/ One  AtypedefstructTreeNode - { - ElementType data; the     intLeft ; -     intRight ; - } Tree; -  + Tree T1[maxtree], t2[maxtree]; -   + intBulidtree (Tree t[]) A { at     intN, check[maxtree], root = Null;//root = null empty tree returns null -     CharCL, CR;//left and right child serial number -scanf"%d\n",&N); -     if(N) { -          for(inti =0; i < N; i++) -Check[i] =0; in          for(inti =0; i < N; i++) { -scanf"%c%c%c\n",&t[i].data,&cl,&CR); to             //Find Root +             if(CL! ='-') { -T[i].left = CL-'0'; theCheck[t[i].left] =1;//not a root node *}Else { $T[i].left =Null;Panax Notoginseng             } -             if(CR! ='-') { theT[i].right = CR-'0'; +Check[t[i].right] =1;//not a root node A}Else { theT[i].right =Null; +             } -         } $          $          for(inti =0; i < N; i++)//check[]=0 is the root node -             if(!Check[i]) {              -Root =i; the                  Break; -             }Wuyi     } the     returnRoot; - } WuStatus Isomprphic (intROOT1,intRoot2) - { About     if((ROOT1 = = null) && (ROOT2 = = null))//all are empty, isomorphic $         returnOK; -     if((ROOT1 = = null) && (ROOT2! = null) | | (ROOT1! = null) && (ROOT2 = = null))//One of them is empty, and a different structure -         returnERROR; -     if(T1[root1].data! = t2[root2].data)//Unlike root data, different A         returnERROR; +     if((T1[root1].left = = null) && (t2[root2].left = = null))//left dial hand tree is empty, then the right subtree is judged the         returnisomprphic (T1[root1].right, t2[root2].right); -          $     if((T1[root1].left! = null) && (t2[root2].left! = null) && the(T1[t1[root1].left].data = = T2[t2[root2].left].data))//Two tree left subtree is not empty, and the value is equal the         return(Isomprphic (T1[root1].left, T2[root2].left) &&//judging the subtree the isomprphic (T1[root1].right, T2[root2].right)); the     Else //Two tree left subtree is empty or not empty, but the value is not equal -         return(Isomprphic (T1[root1].left, T2[root2].right) &&//exchange left and right subtree judgment in isomprphic (T1[root1].right, T2[root2].left)); the      the } About  the intMain () the { the     introot1, Root2; +ROOT1 =Bulidtree (T1); -Root2 =Bulidtree (T2); the     if(Isomprphic (ROOT1, Root2))Bayiprintf"yes\n"); the     Else theprintf"no\n"); -     return 0; -}

03-Tree 1 isomorphism of trees

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