0.5 U-boot patching, compiling, burning writing, using and building Sourceinsight project

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The main steps of u-boot patching are

1. Open the VMware virtual machine and start the Linux system

2, open the SECURECRT, connect the serial communication to the JZ2440 and SSH2 session to the Linux system

3, open CuteFTP, connect to Linux system

4,linux command


ls-ld/work/ listing only directories in a detailed list format

sudo chown book:book/work-r Modify work for the owner of the book, because the teacher forgot to change the last time, so the first use to change.



LS list folder under file name

Tar xjf u-boot-1.1.6.tar.bz2 decompression

CD u-boot-1.1.6/ into the directory after decompression

Patch-p1 <. /u-boot-1.1.6_jz2440.patch hit the patch command because it has entered the folder, so use P1 to ignore the first/previous statement, and the patch file in the top level directory.

Tar cjf u-boot-1.1.6_jz2440.tar.bz2 u-boot-1.1.6 use folders to create compressed files, so I get to see and operate under Windows

CD u-boot-1.1.6/

Make 100ask24x0_config configuration file

Make compilation

5. After getting the bin file, use TFTP to burn and write.

A few points about Sourceinsight

Establish engineering

Project name

Engineering data

Location of source code

Adding source code files

(assembly file added, set)

Look at the code

variable function declaration and invocation There is also a convenient switch to define

In addition, a few points about patch files

---Indicates the file to be patched

+ + + Represents the modified file

+ represents the content to be added

-Indicates what is to be lost

0.5 U-boot patching, compiling, burning writing, using and building Sourceinsight project

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