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321 or  of Alter Database Backup  to Trace. A. Trueb. False


322. You need to RestoreYourDatabaseBack to 9/ -/ -At -:xx. inchWhatOrderWould you run the following commands tocompete this task? A.RestoreControlfile until time'09/30/2008:18:00:00'; B.Restore DatabaseUntil time'09/30/2008:18:00:00'; C.RestoreSPFile until time'09/30/2008:18:00:00';;D. RecoverDatabaseUntil time'09/30/2008:18:00:00'; E.Alter Database OpenResetlogs; F.Alter Database Open; G. B, D, EH. B, D, FI. C, A, B, D, EJ. C, A, B, D, FK. A, B, D, E


323. What isThe correctOrder  ofThe following commandsifYou wanted to RestoreDataFile4, which was accidentally removed fromThefilesystem? A. SQL'ALTER DATABASE datafile 4 online'; B.RestoreDataFile4; C. Recover DataFile4;D. SQL'ALTER DATABASE datafile 4 offline'; E. Startupf. shutdownG. A, C, B, DH. D, B, C, AI. F, D, B, C, a, EJ. C, A, B, D, FK. A, B, D, and E


324. YourDatabase  isUp andRunning andOne ofYour three control files isaccidentally erased. You start RMAN andrun the following command:RESTOREControlfile fromautobackup; Which ofThe following statements isTrue? (Choose Allthat apply.) A. The command restores onlyThe missing controlfile. B. The command restores AllThe control files. C. The command fails because theDatabase  isrunning. D. this isThe correct toaddress this problem. E. this is  notThe correct toAddress this problem.


325  of  When attempting point-in-in allcommit

053 (65)

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