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Crouching Tiger
Film Name Wo Hu
Age 2006
Region China Hong Kong
Category Suspense/crime/action
Mandarin language
Subtitles without subtitles
IMDB score N/A
IMDB link N/A
File format XviD + MP3
Video size 576x304
File size 1CD x 15MB
Film Length 01:27:12
Director Wang Guangli Guangli Wang
Mazishan Marco Mak
Starring Eric Tsang Eric Tsang ..... Li Jixiang
Wu Town yu Francis Ng ..... China Super
Chen Xiaochun Jordan Chan ..... Langzhipeo
Shawn Shawn Yue ... Knife Hand
Miao Wei Kiu Wai Miu ... Wedingbong
Qin Hailu Qin Hailu ... Sophie
Zhang Zhilin Julian Cheung ..... Zhong Xiaoli
Nie Yuan Yuan Nie ... Liu Kiming
Sonija Sonija Kwok ... Julie

After the reunification of Hong Kong, the police have placed more than 1000 undercover officers into various triad organizations in order to safeguard the social security of Hong Kong and to combat gang forces, with the hongxing community as the main target. An undercover Wedingbong inspector of the early years was the commander in chief of the "Hundred Years of Loneliness" operation. Although the leader of the hongxing community is advanced in age, he is well versed in the right of the operation, balancing the interests of all parties in the community, but not directly involved in it, so the police have been helpless.
Various criminal activities are mainly controlled by four persons: Huachu, Li Jixiang, Zhong Xiaoli, Langzhipeo. The infiltration of the police disrupted the seemingly stable relationship between the four of them, making them feel panic, and began to reach out to each other for self-preservation. Li Jixiang because Zhong Xiaoli framed by the community killer stabbed to death, was once Wedingbong Police school classmate Huachu, in the son was Zhong Xiaoli injured after becoming undercover, Zhong Xiaoli also difficult to escape within the community cleaning. In the end, under the cooperation of undercover agents lurking in the community, the size of the hongxing community in one by one was arrested, the mighty criminal society was completely destroyed by the police.

Behind the scenes: "Undercover is everywhere."
The idea of Crouching Tiger came from a message Jing overheard: More than two or three years ago, the Hong Kong police began sending more than 1000 undercover agents to infiltrate various societies. At first glance the thing that looks very insipid, Jing to sniff out the drama, conceive the story of "Crouching Tiger". "Crouching Tiger" in the undercover setting is a film until the end of the suspense, on the one hand in the film can not see the undercover, on the other hand, you may be the performance of the mob and the change in the power of the undercover, as Jing said: "Undercover everywhere." ”

A comparison of Infernal affairs
"Crouching Tiger" and "Infernal Affairs" with the same undercover theme, Jing stressed: "The two films are completely different, whether it is content, photography, editing, the relationship between the characters, is not the same." "In photography," Infernal Affairs "using low contrast photography, emphasizing the black and white unclear chaos state, and" Crouching Tiger "selection of Black-and-whites photography, distinguish between the police and the mafia community differences.
In the content, Jing pointed out: "Infernal Affairs" contains the composition of the play, "Crouching Tiger" is a very high authenticity of the film, many episodes are from real people, we are just the names of the characters hidden. "Crouching Tiger" behind a legend Chen Sheng, he is the Hong Kong Black-and-White two "Walking dictionary", once the backbone of "Tsz Wan Shan 13", is very familiar with the internal affairs of the gang, later lazy, with their own textbooks to tell the younger generation not to go wrong, but also elected "Hong Kong's Top Ten outstanding youth." As a "Crouching Tiger" consultant, Chensheng for the film brought a lot of real plot, there are Hong Kong police this aspect, there are gangs in this respect, Jing think he can "correct many of the past we are undercover this special identity misunderstanding and missing imagination."

Fresh elements: Mainland directors to join
the mainland director Wang Guangli joined the "Crouching Tiger" into a fresh element. Jing said: "The mainland director has a more innovative idea, Hong Kong director in the end by the commercial baptism for so many years, it is impossible to completely out of the intrinsic value system, I hope that a little new ideas impact" crouching Tiger. "
True co-production"
recently, the downturn in the Hong Kong film market has prompted many Hong Kong filmmakers to look to the mainland and co-operate more and more with mainland filmmakers, but the effect of the co-production is often unsatisfactory, and when it comes to the issue, Jing points out: "Many of the previous films didn't really go ' Together ', does not really bring together the advantages of both sides, and then produce chemical action. The
is only a Hong Kong film style, the domestic actors can only act as a negative role, or entirely domestic film style, Hong Kong actors go through the motions. The advantages of two places have not been played out, but have been suppressed, the work of the film is of course not pleasing to both sides. Wang Guangli from the beginning of my idea of "Crouching Tiger" to participate in the creation, many of his ideas have been rooted in the film, the film has his black humor, but also the wheat good creation of the fast rhythm of the local tension atmosphere. "
Approval through
This film involves the gang community, but this film is not just about the story of the community, but the police and community wrestling, the film is the main thrust of the black, from its end is not difficult to see this. Jing himself repeatedly stressed: "This is not a gangster film, it is actually a black police film, is the pressure of the police to control the various changes in the gang community." It is believed that this subject will not affect the review. "
and Jing also made it clear that the film does not rearrange the film to cater to the tastes of the mainland market:" Wang Guangli from when I write the script to join in, he can take into account the mainland film approval standards, we do not want the film into the approval to do large-scale changes, but hope that "Crouching Tiger" It would be nice to make a mainland audience, and Hong Kong viewers would feel good about it, and there would be no problem in the film approval. The

Hong Kong commercial film champion Director Jing invited the mainland's sixth generation of directors to collaborate on this film. Jing frankly hope in "Crouching Tiger" in pursuit of a black humor style, and he saw Wang Guangli director of the "Bitter End", feel that kind of black humor just right, then decided to invite him to coincide with this film.
Wang Guangli has been involved in the creation of the script as long as he wrote it, "with his black humor and the fast-paced tension of the wheat-made Hong Kong film." "The executive producer Jing recently said that he hopes to" make the Crouching Tiger "into a mainland audience will feel good, Hong Kong viewers will also feel good, and the approval of the film has no problem. "The
is good at Funny Jing, this time in" Crouching Tiger ", discard its funny specialty, and the audience plays the suspense.
The film in the filming process, please come to Hong Kong legend Chenshengzhi as the film consultant, who once was "Tsz Wan Shan 13 Tai Bao" backbone, later he lazy, with his own teaching materials to educate the younger generation not to go wrong, and even elected "Hong Kong's Top Ten outstanding youth."
Qin Hailu in the play as an outline woman, playing a deep "master" Yuehua dote on the woman-Sophie, is also the man's main film in a few of the few red flowers in one. Sophie was born in Huanhuan, more than 40-year-old, still admirable, for many years has been with the "master" side. Qin Hailu shape of this role, elegant temperament, elegance, but is a shuoyibuer inside the gang, the dignified woman. This is the first time Qin Hailu played the role of "bad woman", not only "bad woman", but also a very heavy-talking "gangster sister  

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