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1. A person's life is like pulling a shit. Sometimes you have worked very hard to get a fart.
2. When I was young, my family was very poor and I had no money to buy a bicycle. I had to go to school every day. When I was in junior high school, my grades were too outstanding, and the school leaders left me to read for two more years. After graduating from junior high school, the principal of the senior high school thought that I had a promising future, and I received 30 thousand more. When I was a senior high school student, the class teacher thought that I had the ability to survive independently, so I had to leave school.
3. advertisement for a flower shop: the price of roses in this shop is the cheapest today. You can even buy a few roses for your wife.
4. The only difference between me and Superman is that I put my underpants in it!
5. contraceptive effect: If it is unsuccessful, it will become a "person ".
6. I am not a casual person! But it's not a human!
7. Even though you are a violent tooth! Don't be sad, it's good to have teeth! You can dig the ground melon, cover your chin when it rains, and drink tea to cut off the tea dregs. for a picnic, you can use it as a knife and cross. Are you sure you want to stick your teeth!
8. Family governance, life Kangxi, character Yongzheng, career Qianlong,, bright future, wealth Xianfeng, internal and external governance, QIQIU Guangxu, publicity!
10. I am in the rivers and lakes, but there are no legends about me!
11. About things: In the past, I took off my underpants and watched my buttocks. Now, I open my buttocks and watched my underpants ......
12. Take the path of others and leave others alone!
13. I am like a fly lying on the glass. The future is bright, but I cannot find a way out.
14. The east-west and north-south regions are unclear. When you hit the corner, you could lie on the ground and count the stars!
15. I heard that women are like clothes and siblings. In retrospect, I have been naked for 19 years!
16. What is pressure? What is power.
17. The dormitory brothers decided to impose the following punishments on the supervisor Zhang: Let him hold the telephone pole filled with advertisements of old Chinese medicine practitioners and shout out with tears: My illness has finally been saved!
19. Third-party toilets are pervasive!
20. I can answer eight questions about IQ and ten sharp brain turns. I have been reading books for eight years at the age of 10. I have only published my papers within 10 minutes, I can dictate an article, write it down, and change it to a maximum of 8 words to post it. I can remember 8 words for my memory and 10 phone numbers; on endurance, the urine at ten o'clock A.M., I can stick to until the next day ......
21. Rats never waste time at night, but we humans waste 1/3 of every day.
22. "What is a person of the music watching school? "" This... like a teapot, his ass burns red and he is still in the mood to whistle! "
23. I would rather believe in ghosts in the world than the man's mouth!
24. Now the most "damaging" Person's sentence is: "You really TMD is a little Japanese"
25. No one is worthy of your tears. Those who are worthy of your tears will not make you cry!
26. deliberately studying, deliberately working, living, and living like a person!
27. Put down your college student shelf and find a bowl of food to eat first!
28. No need to contact me!
29. riding a white horse may not be a prince. He may be a monk.
30. Not necessarily angels with wings. Maybe they are birds.
31. Higher stations, farther urine.
32. Wear others' shoes and follow their own steps to find them.
33. Women do not have decent manners, decent because they are not motivated enough; men do not have loyalty, and loyalty is because the chips of betrayal are too low ......
34. Smart Women deal with men, while stupid women deal with women.
35. Take your own path and let others take a taxi.
36. When water reaches the Qing Dynasty, there will be no fish, and when people reach the base, they will be invincible!
37. One college student's minimum goal: Rural Women, Spring Mountain, a little field.

38. You have a secretary, but you have nothing to do!

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