07. Convert all BMP under folder (including subdirectories) to JPG

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XnView Browser: Tools-Batch conversion, configuration, output can export the bat script, the script is used Nconvert.exe here can be bulk conversion folder including subfolders, but not only the specified format (BMP format);
So write a bat yourself.

  1. @rem 作用:把文件夹下的所有的bmp文件转成jpg格式;nconvert的命令语法是从XnView导出的;
  2. @rem 用法:
  3. @rem 其他:
  4. @rem 2015/12/20 周日 14:34:30.37
  5. @echo off&SetLocal EnableDelayEdexpansion&cd /d "%~dp0"
  6. set "nconvert="D:\programs\Mexe\nconvert.exe""
  7. set "folderbmp=e:\videos\鬼步舞\*.bmp"
  8. set n=0
  9. for /f "eol= delims=" %%a in (‘dir !folderbmp! /b /s ‘) do (
  10. set /a n+=1
  11. !nconvert! -npcd 2 -size 256x256+0 -ctype rgb -corder inter -out jpeg -D "%%a"
  12. )
  13. echo !n! 个bmp文件
  14. pause

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07. Convert all BMP under folder (including subdirectories) to JPG

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