07 Table Labels

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1 <!DOCTYPE HTML>2 <HTML>3 <Head>4 <!--fix garbled, tell browser document type and encoding5 http-equiv: Describes the current page content type6 Context: Text that uses HTML7 CharSet: The encoding used is UTF-8, and decoding is also used UTF-88  -9 <Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html"CharSet= "UTF-8">Ten <title>Insert Title here</title> One </Head> A <Body> -     <!--  - <table> form: the cellsapcing: margin = distance between cell and cell box line - cellpadding: The distance between the inside margin and the contents and the cell border - <tr>: A row in a table - <td>: One cell in a row + <th>: Header cell - colspan Property: How many columns are in the horizontal area + RowSpan Property: How many rows are occupied by the vertical A Align property: for its at       - -     <TableBorder= "1"cellpadding= " the"cellspacing= "5"> -        <TR> -         <thcolspan= "3">Student Information Sheet</th> -        </TR> -        <TR><TDcolspan= "3"Align= "Center"><b>Student Information Sheet</b></TD></TR> in         <TR> -             <TD>Student Name</TD> to             <TD>Student class</TD> +             <TD>Student Sex</TD> -         </TR> the         <TR> *             <TD>Tom</TD> $             <TD>High 31 classes</TD>Panax Notoginseng             <TDrowspan= "2">Man</TD> -         </TR> the         <TR> +             <TD>John doe</TD> A             <TD>High 332 classes</TD> the         </TR> +     </Table> - </Body> $ </HTML>

07 Table Labels

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