0808 HTML Basics

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properties of the body:

BgColor page background color

Background background wallpaper, pictures

Text text color

TopMargin Top Margin

LeftMargin left margin

RightMargin Right Margin

BottomMargin Bottom Margin

Format Control Tags:

<font color= "" face= "" size= "" ></font>

Controls the color, font, and size of the font, respectively.

<b></b> Font Bold

<strong></strong> Font Bold

<i></i> Tilt

<em></em> Tilt

<u></u> Underline

<center></center> Center

<br> or <br/> equivalent to carriage return

Represents a space,ctrl+shift+space

Content container Tags:

HTML title is

. . . Defined by tags such as to .

<p></p> paragraph labels (blank lines between paragraphs)

<div></div> Layer Labels (one row by default)

<span></span> Layer Labels (the default is how much space is used to occupy much space)

<ol type= "1" > with sequence list, serial number is ... . , you can change the form of the ordinal in quotation marks

<li> content <li>

<li> content <li>

</ol> above the ol changed to ul to become no serial list

Hyperlink Tags:

<a href= " hyperlink address " target= "_blank" > hyperlink text </a> -- opens in a new window

You can also find a hyperlink to a directory on the current page to automatically jump to a location on the page.

Sheet Label:

picture address " alt= " text " width= "" height= "" title= " descriptive text "/>

Height and width set one to maintain the original proportions.

Alt displays text when the picture cannot be loaded, and also helps search engines.

Title can be added to the picture description, the mouse on the picture when the description can be displayed.


<table></table> Forms

Width: wide. Can be expressed in pixels or percentages. Commonly used 960 pixels.

Border: Border, common value is 0.

cellpadding: The distance between the content and the border, with a common value of 0.

cellspacing: The spacing between cells and cells, with a common value of 0.

Algin: Alignment.

bgcolor: Background color.

Background: Background image.

<tr></tr> Line

Align: the horizontal alignment of a line of content.

valign: The vertical alignment of a line of content.

Height: Row height.

bgcolor: Background color.

Background: Background image.

<td></td> Cell

<th></th> Header, cell contents are automatically centered, bold

Align: How cell content is aligned.

valign: The vertical alignment of the contents of the cell.

Width: cell width.

Height: cell height.

bgcolor: Background color.

Background: Background image.

The contents must be placed in the cell, the cell must be in the row, and the row must be placed in the table.

When you set the row height and sizing of a cell, the corresponding row or column is affected.

Cell Merging: (It is recommended to use table nesting as far as possible)

Colspan= "n" merges cells of the same row (the corresponding columns are subtracted from the following code)

Rowspan= "n" merges the same column cell (minus the corresponding column starting from the second row)

0808 HTML Basics

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