09-Super Guessing chart

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Super Guess small Case Brief introduction
    • Next, do a very comprehensive small case---super guess
    • Versatile use of buttons
    • The meaning of @2x
    • Application icon, start picture add
Status bar
    • In IOS7, the status bar is managed by default by the controller, such as the style of the status bar, whether the status bar is visible
    • The controller controls the status bar by overriding the following methods
    1. Set the style of the status bar

(Uistatusbarstyle) Preferredstatusbarstyle;

Where Uistatusbarstylelightcontent is a white style

    1. Set the visibility of the status bar

-(BOOL) Prefersstatusbarhidden;

Retina screen
  • The so-called retain screen, is the HD Retina screen, resolution width is twice times the standard screen resolution
  • Equipment

    Screen type

    Screen size


    IPhone 3GS


    3.5 inch




    3.5 inch




    4 inch


Application icon
    • As long as the filename is called icon.png, it is automatically used as an icon for the application.
    • An application can prepare a variety of icons, details can be viewed Apple official documents, such as the right image
Application Startup pictures
    • An app will display a full-screen image called Default.png during startup
    • Use cases without the specification default
    1. Default.png: Non-retina-iphone screen, 320x480

    2. [Email protected]:retina-iphone screen, 640x960

    3. [Email protected]:4inch retina-iphone screen, 640x1136

    4. Default-portrait~ipad.png: Non-retain-ipad vertical screen, 768x1024

    5. [Email protected]:retain-ipad vertical screen, 1536x2048

    6. Default-landscape~ipad.png: Non-retain-ipad horizontal screen, 1024x768

    7. [Email protected]:retain-ipad horizontal screen, 2048x1536

    • UIButton has a number of States, it provides a number of convenient properties, you can directly get the current state of text, text color, pictures, etc.
    1. @property (Nonatomic,readonly,retain) NSString *currenttitle;
    2. @property (Nonatomic,readonly,retain) Uicolor *currenttitlecolor;
    3. @property (Nonatomic,readonly,retain) UIImage *currentimage;
    4. @property (Nonatomic,readonly,retain) UIImage *currentbackgroundimage;

09-Super Guessing chart

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