0x00000116 Blue screen error occurs after Win7 standby recovery

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Blue screen This situation, is generally by the system software, memory, caused.

1 computer is not installed on the malicious software, or when the internet generated a malicious program, the proposed 360 guards, Golden Hill Guardian software, cleaning up garbage, killing malicious software, completed after restarting the computer, it may be resolved. Not really, reload, restore the system, can solve the problems caused by software.

2 If you just run individual software or games occasionally, reboot the computer and try again, or download other versions of the software reinstall elsewhere.

3 O'Clock Start menu Run enter cmd return and enter at the command prompt

For%1 in (%windir%system32*.dll) do regsvr32.exe/s%1 and then enter. Then let him run out, should be possible to solve.

4 Recent computer poisoning, installation of unstable software, and so on, the proposed total anti-virus, unloading the software that caused the problem, reinstall the other version, it may be resolved. No more, reload the system OK.

5 computer chassis inside the memory into the dust, take apart the chassis, remove the memory, clean the memory of the fingers, reload back, it may be. (Cqjiangyong summed up, old computers often have such problems)

6 computer with a long memory bad, buy parallel memory, multiple memory incompatible with, and so on, it is recommended that the replacement of memory may be resolved.

7 Most of the time because the system and driver compatibility is not good, there will be such errors, it is recommended that you switch to another version of the driver installation, or a different version of the system installation.

8 computer for a long time, hard drive bad, repartition installation system can repair the logic bad, or not, then

It is time to change the hard drive, change a hard drive can be solved.

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