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1<! DOCTYPE html Public"-//w3c//dtd XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd" >234<meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "text/html; Charset=utf-8 "/>5<title> Untitled Document </title>6<script src= "Jquery-1.11.2.min.js" ></script>7<style type= "Text/css" >8 #D19 {TenFont-size:24px; One } A.List - { -Width200px; theHeight30px; -Text-align:Center; -Line-height:30px; -Vertical-align:Middle; +Background-color:#999; -Color#F00; + } A</style> at -  -<body> -  -<div id= "D1" name= "div" ><b> first div</b></div> -  in<divclass= "D" >22222</div> -<divclass= "D" >333333</div> to<divclass= "D" >444444</div> +  -  the<divclass= "List" >hello</div> *<divclass= "List" >world</div> $<divclass= "List" >hai</div>Panax Notoginseng<divclass= "List" >aaaa</div> -  the  +<input type= "text" bs= "UID"/> A  the  +<input type= "checkbox" id= "AA" value= "Hello"/> -  $<input type= "button" id= ' btn ' value= ' take value '/> $  -  -</body> the<script type= "Text/javascript" > - Wuyi //JS takes the element, takes out the concrete element object the //var d = document.getElementById ("D1"); - //alert (Document.getelementsbyclassname ("D")); Wu //alert (document.getElementsByTagName ("div")); - //alert (Document.getelementsbyname ("UID")); About  $ //Operation content - //alert (D.innertext);//Get text content - //alert (d.innerhtml);//Get HTML code - //d.innertext = "Hello";//Assign value to Element (text) A //d.innerhtml = "<span style= ' color:red ' >hello</span>";//Assign value to element (HTML code) +  the //d.value Gets or sets the contents of a FORM element -  $ //Operation Properties the //alert (D.getattribute ("name"));//Gets the value of the property the //d.setattribute ("BS", "001");//Set Properties the //d.removeattribute ("name");//Remove attribute the  -  in //Operation style the //alert (d.style.fontsize);//Get style, must be written inside the element the //d.style.fontsize = "36px";//Modify Settings style About  the  the  the$ (document). Ready (function(e) { +      -     //jquery takes an element and takes out a jquery object the //var D = $ ("#d1");//Search by IDBayi     /*var d = $ (". D");//Search by Class the      the For (var i=0;i<d.length;i++) -     { - Alert (D.eq (i)); the     }*/ the      the     //Alert ($ ("div"));//Search by tag name the      - //alert ($ ("[Bs=uid]"));//Search by attribute the      the //Operation content the //alert (D.text ());//Gets the contents of the element (text)94 //alert (d.html ());//Gets the contents of the element (HTML code) the      the //d.text ("Hello");//Assigning a value to an element (text) the //d.html ("<span style= ' color:red ' >hello</span>"); Assigning a value to an element (HTML code)98      About //d.val ();//manipulate the contents of the form to assign values -     101     102 //Operation Properties103 //alert (d.attr ("name"));//Get Property104 //d.attr ("BS", "001");//Set Properties the //d.removeattr ("BS");//Remove Properties106     107 //Operation style108 //alert (D.css ("font-size"));//Sampling type109 //d.css ("Font-size", "36px");//Set style the     111      the //Events113 /*$ ("#d1"). Click (function () { the          the alert ("AA"); the         117         })*/118         119      - /*$ (". D"). Click (function () {121         122 //alert ($ (this). text ());123 124         })*/ the         126     //Menu Selection127$ (". List"). Click (function(){ -         129         //make all elements unchecked the$ (". List"). CSS ("Background-color", "#999"). CSS ("Color", "#F00");33s          the         //make the element selected133$ (this). CSS ("Background-color", "#60F"). CSS ("Color", "#FFF");134                 135         })136         137     //take checkbox Check value138$ ("#btn"). Click (function(){139          $         if($ ("#aa") [0].checked)141         {142Alert ($ ("#aa").Val ());143         }144         Else145         {146Alert ("Unchecked! ");147         }148         149     }) Max             151 }); the</body>153

1. jquery Knowledge Learning ...

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