1 months over 100,000 users, the coin Krypton app is going to be the authority of the blockchain quantification investment community

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Investment is a learning, especially for crypto-currency investments in blockchain areas. However, crypto currencies are subject to uneven projects, and the risks of the project itself and potential investment opportunities coexist. For ordinary investors, earning is the simplest and direct request, and how to satisfy the claim is the pain point that the industry has been having.

Our recent exposure to the coin of Krypton, is such a team-the hope that through professional data analysis and quantification strategy to solve the traditional market information analysis tools can not solve the problem: the content is difficult to understand, the risk estimates are unclear. In response to this problem, the solution of the coin Krypton has two.

First, the formation of their own quantitative strategy analysis team, through the construction of investment quantitative model, the industry consensus of the mainstream cryptocurrency export trading signals, the strategy itself is not guidance, but the external free public, can provide reference for investors decision-making; second, the first to put forward the concept of consensus index, and launched the Coin Krypton warning function, Actively cooperate with UESTC, Tsinghua University and other enterprises, such as security audit, and constantly improve the risk monitoring model.

Kk.lee, the founding partner of the coin Krypton, introduced that the user can obtain the quantization strategy signal of the day, and can also see the current market trend and alert information. Coins Krypton collects the encrypted currency information of the whole network through data analysis, evaluates it in each currency, and filters out the content which is helpful to the user.

This July, the end of the test phase of the coin Krypton, the release of the first official version, the current number of users has been over 100,000, the daily live in 10,000 up and down. In the user portrait of the coin Krypton, the current stage is based on the new users of the coin ring, with strong financial attributes and a certain investment experience in the securities market.

The coin Krypton team received an interview that the advantage of the coin Krypton lies in the team's experience in Internet products and financial markets, and in-depth understanding of data analysis and processing, investment strategy design and presentation.

Coins Krypton Team brings together the original bat company's Internet talent, but also has the financial big Data company's excellent background, technology-based, coupled with the market operation mode design, the product has been the user's praise in the circle. In particular, the quantitative strategy module, the internal formation of quantitative strategy analysis team, relying on a few months of model optimization and construction, has been far beyond the market benefits. These coins are open to users for free.

Only through meaningful content, to build a value ecosystem, can make the industry more valuable. Coin Krypton itself has established a strict content control system, currently 90% of content is produced by the platform itself, a small part from the Authorized Author library to screen high-quality content display, the purpose is to provide users with timely content reading experience, also do not lose the content of rigorous and objective. Stop bragging, pompous and other objectionable content.

The founding team of the coin Krypton believes that the current blockchain development is constrained by the development of the entire industrial environment. The business model of many blockchain depends on the correspondence between the digital assets on the chain and the traditional assets in the chain, which is difficult to do, and the assets on the chain lack information transparency, the user knows the threshold is too high.

The coin krypton in the interview said, the coin krypton to do blockchain quantification investment sector authority, in the future will continue in the risk warning, project monitoring actively explore and seek cooperation, escort for investors, screening truly valuable blockchain projects, for the industry radical reform, but also to complete the social science education.

1 months over 100,000 users, the coin Krypton app is going to be the authority of the blockchain quantification investment community

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