1, written in the beginning of the words--tinking in the Java introduction of my opinion

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This paper tries to explain the essence of the book through the form of the article summary, even if it has nothing to do with technology!

The text begins!

"God gives man the power to speak, and language creates thought, and thought is the measure of the universe." ”

Java is a language, a programming language, theoretically if the brain is enough to live, you can do anything in the world of programming, that is, the world of computers!

    • What is Java? How to use it?

As far as Java itself is concerned, Java is a collection of features, but just like the sand, simply taking out one does not make much sense, so these features combine to be Java, to create infinite possibilities, so learn to use flexibly! In the design phase should think of these features, and then come up with a reasonable solution, and finally programming!

    • How to learn Java?

The author's idea is to explain the characteristics of Java based on the way in which the language is used to solve certain types of problems, and then to express the common features or collocation features. So, we can learn a feature, and think about what this feature can do? Or when a problem arises, think about how I would solve it if I had this problem? How can I fix it if I'm a computer? What features do I need to solve? Can my existing features be assembled into the features I need? In short, find problems, solve problems, solve real problems, no problems, create problems, solve problems!

    • What is the extent to which Java learning should be considered a small form?

You need to create a model in your mind, in fact, you know the color of your hands (characteristics), it is better to know which colors can produce some special colors that you do not have, and then put the question to do is to draw the picture, encountered what the painting is good

    • What are the prerequisites for reading?

If you do not understand, to learn C, the individual also suggested to learn C, is really the feeling is now the cornerstone of the programming industry, feel every play C of the Great God is the world! Haha, play jokes not to be serious Satan! But learning C starter programming feels like the best and most comfortable jumping pit posture!

    • The goal of the book (more convenient teaching), according to the book Teaching (CAN), the JDK's HTML document (to go Down), practice (simple, partly difficult but not big), Java Foundation (the author's thinking in C free!) ), book source code (free of charge, when using the copyright), coding standards (the author said the same with Sun; the author mentions jalopy (a source code formatting/landscaping/Beautiful open source project for the Java programming language); The code should be all right), and the error (some hope that the Lords have proposed)

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1, written in the beginning of the words--tinking in the Java introduction of my opinion

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