(10 a.m.-17 o'clock in the afternoon: +) Centos 6.6 Compile 4.2 kernel ... Has crashed

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Today, people say that programmers do not necessarily have Linux; Linux will be programmed

———— Candy is also drunk, laugh without words!

Go to the theme! Today idle egg ache, suddenly found our company test machine CentOS 6.6 Kernel 3.10 of the core, according to x.y.z principle, should be considered stable version of it! (Actually I don't know.) looks like the previous Yum installed .... )

Do not know why look at 3 numbers very uncomfortable, and then determined to upgrade! Run to https://www.kernel.org/a look! My darling, the 4.2 kernel! By the way, the Centos yum source default kernel is 2.6.

#安装前这些开发包什么都都安装一下, save the trouble of troubleshooting! [email protected] ~]# Yum groupinstall "Development Tools" [[email protected] ~]# Yum install gcc ncurses ncurses-devel

Therefore, the decision Monk Machine (upgrade)! First download down, the speed of 54K, compared to no language! After downloading, SCP is uploaded to the test machine to start unpacking! (Broken computer, unpacking took 2 minutes @[email protected]);

[Email protected] linux-4.2]# tar xf linux-4.2.tar.gz-c/usr/src/#解压到/usr/src inside [[email protected] linux-4.2]# Cp/boot /config-3.10.79-1.el6.elrepo.x86_64. Config[[email protected] linux-4.2]# sh-c ' yes ' | Make Oldconfig ' #读取前面的. config file! If you only update the kernel without compiling the module, this step will not need to be entered.

Note: If you need to add a module, use the following command! (Candy only updates the kernel, does not need to compile other new modules in ~)

[email protected] linux-4.2]# make Menuconfig

Candy because it is minimal installation, so when make will be error when the BC command can not find, the same situation of children's boots may be yum install BC can!

All right! The rest is to wait for the installation to complete! ? (1 hours of junk machine, cow B machine 5-30 minutes; Candy waited for 1.5 hours to walk ... EH)?

After compiling, the kernel boot is written to the GRUB entry:

[[email protected] linux-4.2]make Modules_install Install

Check Startup items with Vim

[[Email protected] ~] Vim/boot/grub/grub.conf

Grub write succeeded, reboot!

Finally, a successful start map!

(10 a.m.-17 o'clock in the afternoon: +) Centos 6.6 Compile 4.2 kernel ... Has crashed

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