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Before the new station goes online, developers often have a lot of things to think about, but you may not have a checklist. This article for you to organize the information, it may not be very authoritative, but will help your site to lay a good foundation, have a good start.

1. Meaningful and logical structure

It is important to maintain the relevance of the page title and content. Keep in mind that search engines like hyphens rather than underscores. In order to minimize the click distance of the content page to the home page, a flat web site structure with less directory should be used.

2. Each page has a relevant and unique title

It is easy to overlook the point that this will not weaken your site's competitiveness. A page without a title looks unprofessional and loses opportunity. Firefox browser will simply show your site as "Firefox browser", and IE will use your URL as title. There are dozens of pages indexed, titled "Unnamed Documents"-don't let your site be one of them.

3, each page has a unique description of the label

Many people think that the description tag is unimportant, but the search engine does show the description in the search results. If there is no description tag, you have to copy some from the page to replace it. If you want your site to stand out from the search results, it's wise to write a unique description tag for each page, because the description tag is your ad in the search results.

4. Conform to the rules of XHTML and CSS

It is important to ensure that your site's XHTML and CSS are in order, otherwise your site may not open in a browser. Often check to make your site open in different types of browsers, which can reduce user and crawler usage barriers.

5. JS Code is externalized

Using inline JS is a lazy behavior, because it is almost impossible to get the crawler to crawl inline JS and to add weights to the page effectively. So the JS code should be placed in an external, stand-alone folder. In addition, make your CSS file externalized so that it is not included at the top of every page.

6. Use include file in head, bottom and navigation

Copyright, logo and other import documents, or the common parts of every page, should be converted to include documents, which can save a lot of time.

7, in order to better readability so that the size of the text can be adjusted

This is almost necessary for the user to be easy to use. If you specify the wrong size or percentage, the browser resizes. If you have a certain text size, there will be some restrictions, so if you are not required to keep your visitors in a fixed text size reading content.

8, Site Map

Site map helps search engines crawl your site, is a useful tool in SEO. Ideally, you should have a site map at the bottom of the site so that users can find their way back when they are lost. At the same time, the spider should make an optimized version of the site map.

9. Keep user name on social networking site

Whether it is brand building, community building or attracting traffic, the importance of social media cannot be overemphasized. Because people spend more and more time on Facebook and other types of websites, it becomes more important that you cater to the interests of consumers. When you have a domain name, use the same name on the social network, which is consistent with your brand.

10, write a good Privacy statement

If you are collecting information about your users, you should have a privacy statement on the site. Not only have a privacy statement, but also include your company's contact details so that the public can see on the site.

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