10 classic Android open-source projects (with source code package)

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I recently took the time to study Android system development and I am also interested in Android learning. At the beginning, I tried to find several project source codes on the Internet, the following lists the android project source code. I hope it will be helpful for developing and learning the Android system!

1. sample projects provided by the android team
If you are not learning the examples provided by the android SDKCodeAt the beginning, there may be no better way to master development on the android framework. The core development team of Android provides 15 excellent sample projects, including games, image processing, time display, and start menu shortcuts.

2. Remote droid
Remotedroid is an Android app that allows users to use their wireless networks to operate their mobile phones using wireless keyboards and touch screens. This project provides developers with good examples such as network connection and touch screen finger movement.

3. torproxy and shadow
The torproxy application implements the Android mobile phone radio telex communication (TOR), which is used together with the Shadow application and allows anonymous Internet access on the mobile phone. From this projectSource code, You can master socket connection, Cookie management and other methods.

4. Android smspopup
Smspopup can intercept text messages and display them in a bubble-shaped window. From this project, you can learn how to use the built-in SMS interface.

5. Standup Timer
The Standup timer application is used to control the standing meeting time, similar to the stopwatch countdown. It can remind everyone that the speech time has reached, so that each participant can use the same time. From the code of this project, you can learn how to use time functions. In addition, the code of this project is the design idea of strictly separating view and model.

6. Foursquare
Is a client application of foursquare.com. This application is mainly divided into two modules: API (COM. joelapenna. Foursquare) and Interface Front-end (COM. joelapenna. foursquared. From the project code, you can learn how to synchronize, multithreading, HTTP connection, and other technologies.

7. Pedometer
The pedometer application is used to record the number of walking steps per day. Although the record is not accurate, you can learn several different technologies from this project: accelerator interaction, voice update, and background running services.

8. opensudoku-android
Opensudoku is a simple 9-cell Sudoku game. From the code, you can learn how to display table data in a view and how to interact with a website.

9. connectbot
Connectbot is a Client Security shell application on the Android platform. From the code of this project, you can learn a lot about Android security. These are the security issues that you often need to consider when developing applications.

10. Android applications of WordPress
Of course, the Android Application of WordPress cannot be mentioned at the end. This is a project provided by the WordPress official development team. You can learn from the code to call XMLRPC (of course there are more excellent content ).

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