10 days to learn PHP the next day

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Learning Purpose: Learn to build a database
in ASP, assume that you are an Access database and you can directly open access to edit the MDB file, assuming that SQL Server you can open Enterprise Manager to edit the SQL Server database. But in PHP. The command-line editing of MY SQL may make it very troublesome for someone who has just started learning. You download a phpmyadmin to install, and later build the editing database can rely on it.
Here's how it's used.
after entering the phpMyAdmin. We need to create a database first,
Language (*) Here to choose Simplified Chinese, and then on the left to create a new database here fill in the database name, click Create can.
Then select the database that you have created in the left drop-down menu.

In the following
Create a new table in the database shop:
number of fields:
fill in the table name and roughly what you think of the number of fields (not enough or more of it doesn't matter, later can join or default), press run.
then you can start building the table.
The first column is the name of the field; the second column selects the field type:
we often use the following:
1) VARCHAR. Text Type
2) INT. Integer type
3) Float, floating-point type
4) DATE. Date Type
5) You may ask. Where is the ID that I volunteered to join? This is just to select the int type. In the back of the extra choice of auto_increment will be able to.
After you have established the table, you can see the table you created on the left, and after clicking, you can:
1) Press the structure on the right: view the change table structure
2) Browse by right: View the data in the table
3) Press the right SQL: Execute SQL statement
4) Press Insert on right: Insert a row of records
5) on the right, clear: Delete all records in the table
6) Press DELETE on the right: Delete table
Another very important feature is the import and export, when we have the program and database, we need to have a local image on the server, assuming that the ASP access is simple, directly upload the MDB file can be, assuming that the SQL The server is also able to connect to the remote server for import. Then you can export all the SQL statements in MySQL. To the phpMyAdmin on the remote server. After creating the database, press SQL and paste all the native generated SQL statements you just copied.
I'll talk about it here today. Continue talking about database operations tomorrow.

10 days to learn PHP the next day

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