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After reading an article-"Google Chrome Extensions for boosting Your productivity" ("10 Chrome browser plug-ins that can improve your productivity"), you've deepened your understanding of chrome. But it is clear that the author is not familiar with the popular browser in white-collar office workers, the 10 of chrome need to rely on plug-ins to achieve the functionality is almost included in the proud of the native features, only a few and the social network and Google's own services closely related to the function of the proud tour did not touch. Here to share with you 10 of these features, I hope to bring you the usual computer work reader, some improve the efficiency of the reference.

I. Web screenshot

As the saying goes, a picture in a document is worth more than 10 lines of descriptive text-do you want to add a picture to the document? Use the System screenshot + tool, or look for screenshots software? Let's try the screenshot, he is convenient and powerful. Proud of the browser with the screenshot feature can intercept areas, full screen, Windows, and the entire page page.

The first use of the proud tour screenshot has the following several methods

1. Press the "camera" on the right side of the Web page toolbar-screen capture button, you will find all kinds of screenshots. The Web page toolbar is a one-line toolbar at the top of the browse area, which can be displayed/hidden by the shortcut key ctrl+b, or through the view (V)-Toolbar (T)-page toolbar menu item.

(Figure 1 Screen capture button menu on the Web page toolbar)

2. Select an operation by opening the same menu with the tool (T)-Screen capture menu item.

How are these 5 screenshots used? Listen to me slowly.

Area screenshot: Select the area screenshot, or just press the browser shortcut key CTRL+F1, the screen will darken. Use the mouse to draw a rectangular area and select the part of the screen you want to intercept. A selection can be directly dragged using the mouse, or it can be resized by adjusting the bounds, and can even move a pixel-by-pixel movement of the selection through the arrow keys on the keyboard.

A description area appears next to the selection, and a magnifying glass in the upper-left corner will help you to intercept the pixel-level exact picture. Color information and location information are very useful to designers, and we can quickly manipulate screenshots by prompt shortcuts.

(Figure 2 A rectangular area intercept screen)

Full-screen screenshot: Intercepts all the screen images you can see, and the screenshots of the system are the same.

Window screenshot: Intercepts the contents of a Windows Form that can be used to cleanly intercept a program interface without worrying about intercepting the messy desktop wallpaper, other program interfaces, and so on.

Current Page screenshot: Shortcut key ctrl+f2. This is the most commonly used by the author of a function, it can be the page we are browsing to save a complete picture. It is especially useful when you need to save your pages quickly and keep the articles for future reference.

All page Screenshots: "Current page screenshot" of the batch version, the opening of all the tags to implement a screenshot of the operation of the page.

2. No format paste

We often need to copy some text from the Web page, and you may often find that when you press "paste" in a Word document, not only the computer may be slow for a while, and the ten-in-one format of the content will become messy. This is because the page text usually has an HTML tutorial format, and the Word document cannot reproduce the HTML tutorial format completely, resulting in a messy format. Do you want to adjust it a little bit again? When the text is selected, drag to the "book" icon at the end of the status bar of the browser, and the content will be pasted into an unformatted state of "Network Notes" (collection Panel). You can even make a simple edit here and then paste it into the target document.

3. Network Notes (collection panel)

Browse the Web to see useful information, or feel and send to find a place to write down quickly? Do not have to open a slow word, do not run a silly Notepad, the use of the browser's "collection panel" function can be done!

Enter the collection panel, you can use the shortcut key Ctrl+g, or click on the status bar above the "small book", you can also through the "tool (T)"-"collection Panel" menu item to open this network note. Here is a brief list of the uses of this row of buttons.

The collection Panel has multiple tabs to differentiate between different content categories. Click the Green Plus "Add" button, enter the name of the new label to create a new label. So you can classify your information into categories, such as work information, general copy, Address Book, a variety of one-time user name password. Access to your own collection panel requires login to the account, do not worry about their own information will be peeping.

The disk Save button immediately saves the contents of the current collection panel, noting that the contents of the collection panel are stored here, rather than exporting its contents.

The Save As (S) ... button is used to save the contents of the current label as a TXT file.

The Red Fork empty button clears all the contents of the current label.

Undo revokes The last step of the input or deletion operation.

"Green Arrow" Run script command button to run the JS script, for developers is a good little thing, our ordinary office white-collar workers are not expected. But you guys can put this code into a run, try to tease your mm ...

Alert ("Are you sure you can go to the movies with me this weekend?")

"Earth" Sync button, click on a Drop-down menu will appear, you can choose to collect the content and network synchronization. This way, as long as you log into the browser will be able to access your network notes. After automatic sync is checked, it is automatically saved to the network as long as you make changes to the collection panel contents.

The function of network synchronization is very useful to the office workers who often need to take home the work, so that some accumulation of reference information will not be loaded into the U disk to bring, just save to the collection panel, home to visit the account can be downloaded through the browser.

Summary: These are just 3 of the 10 productivity enhancements that are native to the browser, unlike other browsers that require extended support. Proud tour by virtue of its full-featured, easy to use features in office white-collar very popular, in this regard, will not lose to the Chrome, Firefox and other international big-name browsers. I hope that the introduction of the function can help us to better understand the tour, so that we use more smoothly.

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