10 industries with the highest salary gains in 2013

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In 2013, the overall salary survey report collected more than 1 million salary data research reports: In 2013, the highest-wage industries were: real estate, insurance, advertising, public relations, education, consulting, aviation, gaming industry, Internet, industrial manufacturing, electronics. (See figure I)

Real estate topped the list of 10 industries with the fastest-rising wages, up 12.14% per cent. Of the 10 industries with the highest average wages, the communications industry topped the list, with a 8.02% per cent increase, slightly less than the second-ranked game industry.

"High salary" has always been a controversial sign in the real estate industry. 2011 by the influence of the regulation, the whole industry depressed premise, the real estate workers pay is not as expected to fall sharply, but unexpectedly rise against the trend. Industry insiders said that this phenomenon from another side reflects the housing real estate industry after years of development, is gradually from the rapid growth period into the mature stage, the market competition intensified also makes high-quality practitioners become more hot.

In the last 2 years, because of the rising cost of workers, the electronics industry, industrial manufacturing are labor-intensive enterprises, although the average salary is very common, but with the labor shortage, workers ' average wage increase has been increasing.

(Figure 12,013 10 industries with the highest annual water gain)

10 industries with the highest average wages in 2013

"2013 Annual salary Survey Report" also statistics the highest average salary of the 10 industries for your reference. (see figure II) Top-ranked communications industry. The launch of the 3G and the restructuring of the telecommunications industry have undoubtedly brought a broader prospect to the already well-paid industry. Whether operators or equipment manufacturers, generous salaries, the right labor intensity, and a good working environment, is the attraction of this profession.

Second in the game industry for college students and other job seekers, "Skills + education" will be a better choice to join the emerging industry, although China's game industry is not comparable to the United States, Japan and South Korea, but China has unpredictable, huge potential market, has a wealth of game industry can be the core of cultural resources and capital, So the game industry closely chase the communications industry.

Second, computer software, hardware, Internet, IT services are ranked in the top 10, high-tech industry has been in recent years the average salary relatively high industry.

(Figure 22,013 The 10 industries with the highest annual salary)

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