10 frameworks for Python Web development "reproduced"

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Python is a dynamic, object-oriented language. It was originally designed as an object-oriented language, and later added some more advanced features. In addition to the language itself, the Python standard library is worth praising, and Python even has its own server.

In other ways, Python has enough free data library, a free Web page template system, and a library to interact with the Web server, all of which can be designed into your Web application.

This article lists 10 Python Web application development frameworks, but because Django seems to be well-known, it is not listed in the article.


The most important pillar of Cubicweb is the reusability of code. Cubicweb is not only a web development framework, but also a semantic web development framework. Cubicweb communicates with the database using the Relational Query language (rqlrelation query Language).


The Zope 2 is a Python-based Web application framework that is the originator of all Python Web applications and tools and is a powerful branch of the Python family. The Zope 2 "Object Publishing" system is ideal for object-oriented development methods and can alleviate the developer's learning curve and help you discover some of the bad features in your application.


Web2py is a free open source web framework written in Python that is designed to be agile and fast to develop Web applications with fast, scalable, secure, and portable database-driven applications that follow the LGPLv3 Open source protocol.

WEB2PY provides a one-stop solution, the entire development process can be done in the browser, providing web version of online development, HTML template authoring, static file upload, database writing functions. Other features include logging and an automated admin interface.


It is another Python-based MVC-style WEB application framework.

TurboGears developers say the project is a "big frame (megaframework)" because it is made up of existing sub-projects. TurboGears can help integrate many of the major components together:

    • Mochikit:javascript Library

    • Kid: Template language

    • CherryPy: Basic WEB Framework

    • Sqlobject: Object Relational Mapper (ORM)


Pylons is an open source Web application framework that is written in the Python language. It extends the application of the WSGI standard, improves reusability and splits functionality into separate modules.

Pylons is typical of the latest Web application frameworks, similar to Django and TurboGears. Pylons is deeply influenced by Ruby on rails: Its two components, routes and webhelpers are Python implementations of the rails feature.


Grok is a Web application development framework for Python developers, and Grok focuses on agile development, an easy-to-use and powerful development framework based on Zope 3 technology.


Web.py is a lightweight, open-source Python web framework that is small, flexible, simple and very powerful, with no restrictions on use. At present, web.py is widely used in many large-scale websites, such as Spain's social networking site Frinki, the home page average of 70 million times a day to visit Yandex and so on.


Pyramid is also a lightweight, open-source Python web framework that is part of the pylons project. Pyramid can only be run on Python 2.x or later versions of 2.4. There is no need to declare when using back-end databases, and some specific templating systems are not enforced at development time.


CherryPy is a python-based web-usage development framework that greatly simplifies the work of web developers who use Python. It provides a friendly HTTP protocol interface for Python developers. As you know, HTTP is a pillar of the World Wide Web protocol, and CherryPy simplifies the HTTP protocol by simplifying the HTTP protocol to Python APIs for use by Python developers.

The cherrypy itself has a built-in HTTP server, or a Web server. This makes it possible for cherrypy users to run CherryPy applications directly without having to make a separate Web server. In fact, the Web server is the gateway to the CherryPy application, which is where all HTTP requests and responses are required.

Therefore, it is possible to understand the CherryPy Web server: It is a layer of software located between the processing client and the server to convert the underlying TCP packet-by-word transmission into an HTTP request and pass it to the appropriate handler, and also package the information from the upper software into an HTTP response and is passed down to the underlying TCP socket by word.


Flask is a lightweight web application framework that is written using Python. Based on the Werkzeugwsgi Toolbox and the Jinja2 template engine. Use BSD licensing.

Flask is also known as "microframework" because it uses a simple core and adds other features with extension. Flask does not have the default database, form validation tools used. However, Flask retains the elasticity of amplification, which can be added with flask-extension: ORM, form validation tools, file uploads, various open authentication technologies.

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10 frameworks for Python Web development "reproduced"

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