10 IT skills required to help your career succeed

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In this article, we will give you top-notch IT skills to help you find your desired job. In this article, we will give you top-notch IT skills to help you find your desired job. These materials and statistical results will change with changes in the market and demand. As long as there are any major changes, we will update the list as much as possible. All statistics are based on recent recruitment information and requirements from some IT companies around the world.

1. VMware

VMware's virtualization and cloud computing software topped the list. VMware announced for the first time commercial support for virtualization of the x86 architecture. VMware's recruitment requirements have increased to 16% in the last quarter.

Latest stable release: 11.0

2. MySQL

This open-source relational database management system ranks second in regret. Until 2013, MySQL was still the second most widely used RDBMS (note: Relational Database Management System ). MySQL recruitment requirements reached 11% in the last quarter. The famous MarialDB is the branch from MySQL acquired by Oracle. It is worth understanding.

Latest stable release: 5.6.23

3. Apache

This cross-platform open source web page (HTTP) server ranks third. As of last quarter, Apache had over 13% recruitment requirements.

Latest stable release: 2.4.12

4. AWS

AWS is a collection of all remote computing services provided by the Amazon website. AWS ranks fourth in the list. In the last quarter, AWS's recruitment needs have grown by nearly 14%.

5. Puppet

As a configuration management system, Puppet is applied in setting the IT infrastructure, which ranks fifth. It is written in Ruby and belongs to the client-server structure. The recruitment demand for puppet has increased by more than 9% in the last quarter.

Latest stable release: 3.7.3

6. Hadoop

Hadoop is an open-source software framework written in Java to process big data. Hadoop ranks sixth in the list. Hadoop recruitment requirements have fallen by 0.2 age points in the last quarter.

Latest stable release: 2.6.0

7. Git

The famous version control system Git originally compiled by Linux Torvalds ranks seventh. Git's recruitment requirements have exceeded 7% in the last quarter.

Latest stable release: 2.3.4

8. Oracle PL/SQL

The SQL extension edition developed by Oracle occupies the eighth place. PL/SQL is included in the Oracle database since Oracle 7. It has seen a recession of nearly 8% in the last quarter.

9. Tomcat

This open-source web server and service program container appeared at the ninth position. In the last quarter, it showed demand growth, nearly 15%.

Latest stable release: 8.0.15

10. SAP

The most famous enterprise resource planning software ranks 10. SAP showed nearly 3.5% growth in the demand market in the last quarter.

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