10 Kinds of dangerous operation behavior of computer

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In this article, I mentioned the ten stupid behaviors of common harm to computers to see what you did to the computer. As long as you try to avoid these dangerous operations, there will be fewer problems with the computer.

(1) Browse for free websites.

Free and tempting sites, hidden countless traps, fishing, hanging horses, viruses ... Only you can't imagine.

(2) Do not protect wired or wireless networks.

Wired and wireless networks are actually vulnerable to security, and need to be protected.

(3) Put the drink next to the computer.

The most interesting joke about this is that the disc tray that pops up the optical drive is treated as a coffee cup bracket.

(4) Do not maintain the hard disk on a regular basis.

Now the hard disk is growing, but do not think that the maintenance of the hard drive to spend too much time to choose to give up, so easy to bury the hidden danger of data loss.

(5) Do not update anti-virus software.

Not updated anti-virus software, is a device, even Maginot defense is inferior.

(6) The credit card information exists in the computer.

Any of the most confidential things, it is best not to put the bright in the computer, at least to add a secret or something.

(7) Try to use the search engine to find the antidote and solve the problem by yourself.

Friends who are not clear about computer knowledge, when you encounter computer problems, consult professionals is the first choice.

(8) Open the email attachment.

There are too many mail scams and no suspicious email attachments to open.

(9) Never update Windows.

Windows has many known, unknown vulnerabilities, and the best solution is to patch them in time.

(10) Do not make regular backups.

Regular backups are a good habit to develop.

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