10 Kinds of navigation menu design for the beautiful web site

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Web navigation menu design is related to your site overall design success or failure, so many excellent website design through color, layout, shape and some pictures of carefully decorated to help the site to create better visual effects, we select from the collection of designers from the minimalist to have many details of the different design, They all conform to the design style of the site they belong to.

This page's navigation menu is designed to focus on stunning photography, so a lot of white space is used.

This is also a minimalist design, but adds some detail. The top text is all uppercase, while the small font and gradient gray rendering makes them simple and elegant, in addition, the bottom page design for navigation menu accounted for twice times, weakening the navigation menu display.

Chef-s Site navigation menu hidden in the upper right corner, when you click the Expand button, navigation menu in the form of Mansi in front of you, colorful and playful.

If your site navigation menu needs to display submenus, you may want to test this example. Top menu font capitalization, beige parallel lattice for background foil, below is the main category, when you click the appropriate category, the submenu will automatically smooth down.

This is a stylish high-end fashion site, with the proper proportions of navigation menus, ample spacing, and black-and-white contrast, which makes it easy for visitors to identify when they pit.

The Draught Master Web site uses a more interesting way to showcase its navigation menus, only when you move the mouse to the side bar dot, the corresponding description is displayed, although this approach is not a lot of sites preferred, but this design allows people to move the mouse to see the desire, draught Master succeeded in this design.

Designers of this site navigation menu inspired by the App, when you click on the menu in the upper right corner, navigation menu slide out of the left, refreshing font, sharp contrast, enough spacing, extremely easy to use.

Navigation menu is located in the most central Web page design is relatively rare, this site in such a eye-catching form, so that it melts in a variety of video central, moving the mouse to the central, the original site logo for its transformation into a white menu, animation effect is extremely smooth.

Belgacom to color labels in the navigation menu of the classification, eye-catching embellishment, that is, color for the user guide, although the vertical menu has rarely been used in recent web site design, but Belgacom is a strong proof of their competitiveness.

If you think Belgacom's vertical menu is not fashionable enough, this grayscale design may be in your taste, it also to hide the design to make the page looks more concise, so as to improve people's desire to click, digital design represents the page number you have, and your click does not make the page jump, but the smooth scroll to switch pages.

From simple to complex 10 kinds of design, there is always a suitable for your site, choose the right design, as if "equal" generally perfect.

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