10 Kinds of PPT colors you must understand

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Want to complete a person's eyes a bright ppt,ppt color is indispensable, for the design of a lot of students are in accordance with their own feeling to match, out of the PPT is often people feel strange, feel not inflow. Want to match a professional color, that from the beginning of this article, but began to talk about 10PPT color method before the popularization of English, Haha, the English have a hatred of the students drift over it ~ ~ ~ ~

Colorless design (achromatic), analog design (analogous), conflict design (Clash), discrete design (complement),

Monochrome design (monochromatic), neutral design (neutral), split complementary color design (splitcomplement),

Primary colors Design (primary), two-time color design (secondary), three times color tri-Color design (tertiary)

Now start to go into today's theme, 10 kinds of ppt color method

Colorless design (achromatic): No color, only black, white, gray

Conflict Design (Clash): combine a color with its complementary left or right color.

Monochrome Design (monochromatic): combine a color with any one or all of its bright and dark colors.

Split complementary Color Design (splitcomplement): combines a color with the colors on either side of its complement.

Two times Color Design (secondary): two times the color green, purple, orange combined.

Analogy design (analogous): Select three consecutive colors or any bright and dark colors in the hue ring.

Complementary design (complement): Use the opposite color on the hue ring.

Neutral Design (Neutral): Add complementary color or black colour to make it disappear or neuter.

Primary color Design (primary): The pure color red, yellow, blue combined.

Three times color tri-Color design (tertiary): three times the color tri-color design is one of the following two combinations, and each color on the hue ring has an equal distance from each other. Red orange, yellow-green, blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-orange, red-violet.

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