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Now, more and more people are upgrading Windows XP to SP2. In this article, I will share with you the latest 10 examples of Windows XP SP2 Simplified Chinese version.

  I. How can I upgrade pirated XP to the official SP2 Simplified Chinese version?

If your computer has installed pirated WINXP, you cannot upgrade it to SP2. Before installing the sp2 Chinese official edition, the system first checks whether the product serial number (PID) is a known pirated PID. If a group of serial numbers is found to be invalid, the SP2 will not be installed.

To solve this problem, you should install and use the genuine WINXP and then upgrade it to SP2. If you still want to upgrade SP2 on pirated XP, you can try to download some activation tools from the network, such as win_xp_activator.exe (http://ytht.net/Ytht.NetExHAAACWQBCASKGQMNQGRHNSCZPSKWHWCJGLP_ B /bbsnt? B = 65 & th = 1091940014) to activate SP2.

Note: After installing SP2 for pirated XP, if activated, you can only reinstall the genuine Simplified Chinese WINXP on your computer, and then install the sp2 Chinese version. If XP has been modified using Style XP and other software, it is best to reinstall XP and install SP2 later.

  Ii. How do I install the official SP2 version on the earlier SP2 version?

If your computer has installed an earlier version of SP2 (for example, sp2_2096) and you want to upgrade it to a later version of SP2, for example, upgrade to the latest version-Simplified Chinese official version (version 2180), you can go to the Microsoft China site to download SP2 (http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/6/4/f648c363-6975

-470c-8202-ac5aea706109/WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-CHS.exe), but when you install SP2, the system prompts that SP2 has been installed on the machine and cannot be upgraded again.

To solve this problem, you should modify the registry and click "start"/run. In the displayed dialog box, type regedit and press enter to open the Registry Editor, in the registry, delete "csdbuildnumber" and "csdversion" under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion", and then install them properly.

  3. How to install the English version of SP2 on Chinese XP?

The English version of the sp2 upgrade package cannot be installed on XP of other languages. It can only be installed on XP of lower versions. If you want to install the sp2 English version on the simplified Chinese WINXP, you can start with the Simplified Chinese version WINXP and modify its registry.

Click Start/run. In the displayed dialog box, type regedit and press enter to open the Registry Editor, find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ controlset001 \ Control \ NLS \ language branch in the registry, click to select the branch, and find the string values "default" and "installlanguage" in the window on the right ", double-click them. In the displayed edit dialog box, change the value data from "0804" to "0409" ("0804" is the language code of Simplified Chinese, "0409" is the English language code), and then click "OK" to close the registry editor. Restart the computer to enter XP, and double-click to run the sp2 Installation File to successfully upgrade.

  Iv. Safely uninstall SP2

If SP2 is incompatible with your original hardware or program, you want to uninstall SP2. You certainly want to unmount SP2 safely. After uninstalling SP2, the system will restore it to its original state.

To this end, we recommend that you use the Add/delete program in the control panel to safely uninstall SP2. Click "start"/settings, open the control panel, click "add delete program", and select "Windows XP Service pack2" to delete the program.
5. How can I enable SP2 to support simultaneous logon by multiple users?

SP2 allows concurrent connection sessions. you can log on to multiple users simultaneously through the console or remote desktop. However, up to two users can log on to the same system at the same time and cannot use the same account, when the third user sends a connection request, it will prompt you to disconnect the original connection. This new feature is only available in Windows 2003. If SP is not installed in XP, multiple users are not allowed to log on simultaneously.

However, SP2 disables this new feature by default. You can enable this feature by modifying the registry. Note: Before you modify the registry, make sure to back up the original system. To modify the registry, click "start"/run. In the displayed dialog box, type regedit and press enter to open the Registry Editor, in the registry, locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Terminal Server \ licensing core and create a new key of DWORD type. The key name is "enableconcurrentsessions" and the key value is "1 ".

  6. Solve the problem that IE can open a webpage in plain text

In SP2, if you use flashget to download some web pages from the Internet, you will find that IE does not display the webpage content normally when you are offline in flashget or double-clicking these web pages, instead, open the webpage in plain text to display the HTML code of the webpage. Another phenomenon is that when you open an MP3 media file via HTTP in IE, the MP3 file is also displayed in plain text. This type of problem is caused by the mismatch between the file extension and content; or the content type reported by the server does not match the file extension. For example, if a file is in the PHP content format on the server side, but you change the file extension to. html after downloading it to the hard disk, this type of problem may occur.

To enhance IE Security, SP2 enables MIME Handling enforcement. To solve the preceding problems, we can modify the Registry to disable this security feature of IE:

Click Start/run, enter Regedit in the run box, open the registry, and find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ main \ featurecontrol \ rules (REG_DWORD type ), set its value to 0.

Next, modify the security settings in the current area of IE. In IE, click "Tools"/"Internet Options", click the "Security" tab, and under the security level in the area, click "Custom Level ", modify the "open file based on content, not based on file extension" setting, from "enabled" by default to "disabled ".

  7. Enable IE to install objects with invalid signatures

To improve security, SP2 requires that if an object contains an invalid signature, Internet Explorer will disable its installation by default. By default, even Administrators cannot download or install such invalid signature objects through Internet Explorer.

After SP2 is installed, if you really need IE to download and install such invalid signature objects when browsing the page, you can use the following method: in IE, click "Tools"/"Internet Options" in the menu, click the "advanced" tab, select "Allow to run or install software, even if the signature is invalid", and finally confirm to exit.

  8. Meaning of Security Center icon color

After Windows XP SP2 is started, a shield icon is sometimes displayed in the tray area of the taskbar and sometimes does not appear. The icon is sometimes green, red, or yellow.

If the sp2 security center works normally, no icons are displayed in the tray area of the taskbar. If the security center works normally, you can manually open the security center. A green icon appears in the tray area of the taskbar. Green indicates that the system is safer.

If the red icon appears, the firewall is not enabled or automatically updated, the virus protection software is not updated, or the virus definition library has expired. If a yellow icon appears, the system is warned of potential risks. You should open the security center in time and adjust the security settings to enhance the security of the system.

  9. The security center warns that the status of virus monitoring/anti-virus software is unknown.

WSC reports an unknown status, indicating that WSC cannot determine whether the virus pattern library file of the virus monitoring software has been updated recently or whether the local library file has been updated. Because the anti-virus software can only detect and clear the latest virus after updating the latest virus Pattern Library, the security center should warn users.

To this end, you should contact the antivirus software vendor to check whether the software has an update package so that SP2 can detect updates to its virus pattern online. If there is an upgrade package, you should purchase the antivirus software, update the virus pattern library. Otherwise, configure the security center and manually monitor its status.

  10. Enable SP2 to display verification codes for some sites

For some websites (such as the China Merchants Bank website), you must enter a verification code when registering or logging on to a user. Most of the verification codes are in the format. xbm, many websites on UNIX hosts apply images in the xbm format when designing verification codes (the extension is. xbm), but after SP2 is installed, the verification code on the logon page cannot be displayed, so you cannot log on or register. This is because SP2 removes the image/X-xbitmap image format by default, so the xbm format Verification Code image cannot be displayed in IE.

To solve this problem, you can click "start"/run, enter regedit.exe in the input box, press enter to open the Registry Editor, and then locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Security in the tree map on the left, create a New DWORD key named "blockxmb" in the right panel, set the key value to "0", and restart IE to solve the problem.

Method 2: Open notepad and edit the following text file,

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Security]

"Blockxbm" = DWORD: 00000000

Save the file as a registry file with the extension Reg, and double-click the file to import it to SP2.

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