10 Linux commands that you have never used before?

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1. pgrep: for example, you can use pgrep-u root to replace PS-Ef | egrep '^ root' |
Awk '{print $2}' to capture the root PID.
Pstree: I think this command is cool. It can directly list the process tree, or in other words, list the processes according to the tree structure.
BC: This command is not found in my system and may need to be installed. This is a command used to execute computation, such as using it to open the square root.
Split: This is a very useful command. It can split a large file into several small parts. For example, split
-B 2 m largefile lf _ splits largefile into a prefix with LF file name and the size is 2 MB
NL: a command that displays the row number. This command should be useful when reading scripts or code. For example, NL
Wireless. H | head.
Mkfifo: the author said this is his favorite command. This command enables other commands to communicate through a named pipe. Well, it sounds a bit empty. For example, create an MPS queue and write the following content:
Mkfifo Ive-been-piped
Ls-Al split/* | HEAD> Ive-been-piped
Then you can read: Head Ive-been-piped.
7. LDD: This function outputs the dynamic link library on which the specified file depends. For example
/Usr/Java/jre1.5.0 _ 11/bin/Java can be used to understand the libraries of Java dependencies (Dynamic Links.
8. Col: saves man manual pages as unformatted text files. For example:
Pager = cat
Man less | col-B> less.txt
9. xmlwf: It can check whether the XML document is good. For example:
Curl-s 'HTTP: // bashcurescancer.com '> bcc.html
Xmlwf bcc.html
Perl-I-PE's @ <br/> @ <br> @ G' bcc.html
Xmlwf bcc.html
Bcc.html: 104: 2: mismatched tag
10. lsof: list opened files. For example, you can find the opened port through lsof | grep TCP.
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