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HTML5 is the latest HTML standard. It is much easier to re-develop an HTML5 website than migrating a website from HTML4 to html5, this is because there is a big difference between the two versions. HTML5 is the latest HTML standard. Later or later, all web programmers will find that the latest standard needs to be used, many people will feel that re-developing an HTML5 website is much easier than migrating a website from HTML4 to html5. this is because there is a big difference between the two versions.

In fact, HTML5 has not made any major changes to html4. many of them are similar.
However, there are some important differences you need to know. The main differences between HTML4 and html5. (not all, it is impossible to list all ):

1. HTML5 standards are still being developed
This difference is obvious, but it is very important. I need to start with it first. You may have noticed that HTML5's cool comments are everywhere, but the fact is that HTML5 is an unfinished standard. HTML4 is now 10 years old, but the fact that it is still the current formal standard has not changed.
On the other hand, HTML5 is still in the early stage, and future changes will continue to emerge. You must consider this because the newly added or modified web page elements you use on your website may change every year and you need to constantly update and upgrade your website, this is not what you want. This is why you 'd better use HTML4 in the product so far, just in the experiment.

2. Simplified syntax
The simpler doctype Declaration is one of the many new features in HTML5. Now you only need to write. The HTML5 syntax is compatible with HTML4 and XHTML1, but not SGML.

3. A new alternative to Flash Mark
For Web users, Flash is both a surprise and a pain. Many Web developers are not satisfied with the HTML5 threats to Flash. But for those who endure the bloated Flash video that takes a few years to load and run The technology for marking video generation has arrived.
Currently, Marking does not provide all Flash functions, but in time, Flash will be eliminated from the web. We will wait and see because many people do not agree with this idea.

4. New And Mark
HTML5 is designed to better depict the anatomical structure of the website. That's why And
Such as the emergence of new tags, they are specifically designed for these parts of the logo site.
You do not need to use

Mark to mark these parts of the web page.

5. New

And Mark
And And The tag is similar to the new And tags allow developers to better label these areas on the page.
It is estimated that in addition to making the code more organized, it can also improve the SEO effect, making it easier for search engines to analyze your pages.

6. New And Mark
New A tag can be used as a normal menu or a toolbar or right-click menu, although these items are not commonly used on the page.
Similarly, the new Tag is a more professional way to manage text and images on pages. Of course, you can use a style sheet to control text and images, but it is more suitable to use the HTML5 built-in mark.

7. New and Mark
New sum Marking may be the most useful two things added in HTML5. Like the tag names, they are used to embed audio and video files.
In addition, there are some new multimedia tags and attributes, such It is used to provide text information for Video Tracking. With these tags, HTML5 makes Web2.0 features more and more friendly. The problem is that before HTML5 is widely accepted, Web2.0 is still the old Web2.0.

8. Brand new Form Design
New And Mark all new modifications to the original form elements. They have many new attributes (and some modifications ). If you often develop forms, you should spend more time studying them in detail.

9. no longer useAnd Mark
For me, this is a change that I don't quite understand. I don't think removingAnd Mark will bring about much benefit. I know that the official guide says these tags can be better processed through CCS, but in this way, in order to appear in one or two parts of the article, you need to implement this function in two separate places: css and text. Isn't it clumsy. Maybe we will get used to this method later.

10. No longer used, ,Mark
As a matter of fact, I can't remember when I used these tags, so I am not sad to remove them. For the same reason, there are better tags to implement their functions-this is good, and any obsolete tags are welcome to be removed from the standard.
The differences between the 10 HTML5 and HTML4 are only a small part of the new specification. In addition to these major changes, I can also mention some minor changes, such
    Tag attributes so that they can be sorted in reverse order. The tag has also been modified.
    There are a large number of minor changes. New modifications are also constantly increasing. Therefore, if you want to track the latest trends in real time, you need to regularly view different pages between HTML4 and html5. If you are in a hurry and want to use these new tags and attributes in your work, I suggest you do your best to just experiment. The reason is clear, these new tags and new attributes may change greatly in the future. Therefore, they may expire unless you constantly update your code.
    Although most popular browsers support HTML5 in the latest version, some new (or modified) tags and attributes are not supported, therefore, Your webpage may display inconsistencies on the user's screen. Be patient and wait for HTML5 to be practical. It is not time yet.
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