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MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, Visual Database tool developed by MySQL. It has been a high-profile alternative to DBDESIGNER4 Engineering. MySQL Workbench can serve as the original GUI tool on Windows, Linux, and OS X systems, and it has a variety of versions, and you can view the links below to get its version information.

MySQL Workbench Version Information

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phpMyAdmin is a free, PHP-enabled tool for managing MySQL on the World Wide Web, which supports most of MySQL's functionality. The software that contains the user interface can support some of the most common operations (such as managing databases, tables, fields, contacts, indexes, users, licenses, and so on), and you can execute any SQL statements directly.

It has the characteristics:

> Intuitive Web Interface

> Supports most MySQL features:

> Browsing and discarding databases, tables, views, fields, and indexes

> Create, copy, delete, rename, and change databases, tables, fields, and indexes

> Maintain servers, databases, and tables to make recommendations for server configuration

> Execute, edit, and annotate any SQL statements, even bulk queries

> Manage MySQL users and user rights

> Managing stored procedures (stored procedures) and triggers (triggers)

> Import data from CSV and SQL file formats

> can export data in multiple formats: CSV, SQL, XML, PDF, ISO/IEC 26300, etc.

> Manage multiple servers

> Create a PDF chart for your database layout

> Create complex queries using Query-by-example (QBE)

> A global search in the database, or a subset of the database to search

> Convert stored data into any format using predefined functions

> has additional features ...

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Aqua Data Studio

For database administrators, software developers, and business analysts, Aqua Data Studio is a complete integrated development environment (IDE). It mainly has four aspects of the function: 1 database query and management tools, 2 a set of database, source code control and file system comparison tools, 3, for Subversion (SVN) and CVS designed a complete integrated source control client 4 provides a database modeling tool (Modeler) that is as powerful as the best stand-alone database diagramming tool.

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SQLyog is a comprehensive MySQL database management tool (/' GUI '/' frontend '). Its community edition (Community Edition) is free Open-source software with GPL licenses. This tool contains most of the functionality that developers need to use MySQL: query result sets, Query Analyzer, server messages, tabular data, tabular information, and query history, which are displayed as tabs in the interface, and developers simply click the mouse. In addition, it makes it easy to create views and stored procedures that I have been using repeatedly over the last few weeks.

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This MySQL database GUI is a "real" application that provides a more accurate user interface than a system built with PHP and HTML. Because there is no delay due to overloading the HTML Web page, its response is instantaneous. If the vendor allows it, you can let Mysql-front work directly with the database. If not, you just have to install a small script on the publishing site. The login information is stored on your hard drive, so you don't have to log on to a different network interface.

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Mytop is a console based tool (not a GUI) for monitoring the overall performance of threads and MySQL 3.22.x, 3.23.x, and 4.x servers. It can run on most Unix systems that have Perl, DBI, and Term::readkey installed, including Mac OS X. If you install a term::ansicolor, you can get a color view. If you install the Time::hires, you can also get a good "query per second" real-time statistics. The mytop0.7 version can even run on Windows.

Mytop's inspiration comes from the system monitoring Tool "top." I often use top on Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris, and you'll probably notice some of the features from these operating systems in Mytop. After Mytop connects to the MySQL server, you can run the show processlist and show status commands on a regular basis and summarize the information obtained from these commands in a useful format.

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Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro is an application that manages the Mac OS X database, which allows you to access MySQL databases directly on local and remote servers, and supports importing and exporting data from popular file formats, including SQL, CSV, and XML files. Initially, Sequel Pro was just a branch of the open source CocoaMySQL project. Some of the features are as follows:

> You can easily build a connection to a local MySQL server on a Mac computer

> It has all the table management features, including indexes.

> Support MySQL View

> It uses multiple window features to support multiple databases or tables immediately

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SQL Buddy

SQL Buddy is a powerful lightweight AJAX database management tool. It is very easy to install, you just need to extract the folder to the server on the line, this is easy! You can also perform most of the most common operations. This tool also has a number of useful shortcuts that you can view from here: SQL Buddy keyboard shortcuts.

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MySQL Sidu

MySQL Sidu is a free MySQL client, it runs through a Web browser, very easy to use! Sidu These letters represent select (selection), insert (insert), delete (delete), and update (updates). Sidu actually has more features that look more like the GUI for MySQL front-end software than the Web page.

>sidu supports SQL selection, insert, delete, and update functions.

>sidu supports working in browsers, such as Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and so on.

>sidu looks like a GUI for MySQL front-end software rather than a Web page.

>sidu can work with MySQL, Postgres and SQLite dbs.

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Navicat Lite MySQL Admin Tool

Navicat is a fast and reliable database management tool, very popular with everyone. Navicat is designed to simplify database management and reduce management costs, designed to meet the needs of database administrators, database developers, and small and midsize enterprises, and it has an intuitive GUI that allows you to create, organize, access, and share information securely and easily.

For MySQL, the Navicat tool is a powerful database management and development tool. It works with any version of the MySQL database server (version 3.21 or above) and supports most of the latest features of MySQL, including Trigger, Stored Procedure, function, Event, view, and Manage User and so on. Navicat Lite can be downloaded for free, but only for non-commercial activities.

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