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MySQL workbench

MySQL workbench is a cross-platform and visualized database tool developed by MySQL. It serves as an alternative application of dbdesigner4 ProjectProgramBut it has attracted much attention. MySQL workbench can be used as the original GUI tool on Windows, Linux, and OS X systems. It has different versions. You can view the following link to obtain its version information.

MySQL workbench version

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PhpMyAdmin is a free PHP tool used to manage MySQL on the World Wide Web. It supports most of MySQL functions. This software with user interfaces can support some of the most common operations (such as database management, tables, fields, contacts, indexing, users, licenses, and so on ), you can also directly execute any SQL statement.

It has the following features:

> Intuitive Web Interface

> Supports most MySQL functions:

> Browse and discard databases, tables, views, fields, and indexes

> Create, copy, delete, rename, and change databases, tables, fields, and indexes

> Maintain servers, databases, and tables, and provide suggestions on server configuration.

> Execute, edit, and annotate any SQL statements, or even Perform Batch queries.

> Manage mysql users and User Permissions

> Stored procedures and triggers)

> Import data from CSV and SQL file formats

> Ability to export data in various formats: CSV, SQL, XML, PDF, ISO/IEC 26300, etc.

> Manage multiple servers

> Create a PDF chart for the database layout

> Use query-by-example (QBE) to create complex queries

> Perform a global search in the database or search in the database subset.

> Use predefined functions to convert stored data into any format

> More features...

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Aqua data Studio

For database administrators, software developers, and business analysts, Aqua data studio is a complete integrated development environment (IDE ). It has four main functions: 1) database query and management tools; 2) a set of databases,Source codeManagement and file system comparison tools; 3) designed a complete integration source for subversion (SVN) and CVSCodeManagement client; 4) provides a database modeling tool (modeler), which is as powerful as the best standalone database Chart Tool.

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Sqlyog is a comprehensive MySQL database management tool (/'GU'/'frontend '). ItsCommunityCommunity edition is a free open-source software with a GPL license. This tool contains the vast majority of functions required by developers when using MySQL: query result set, query analyzer, Server Message, table data, table information, and query history, they are all displayed in the form of labels on the interface, developers just need to click the mouse. In addition, it allows you to easily create views and stored procedures. In recent weeks, I have been using this function repeatedly.

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MySQL front

The graphical GUI of this MySQL database is a "real" application that provides a more precise user interface than a system built with PHP and HTML. Because it does not cause latency due to heavy loading of HTML webpages, its response is instant. If the supplier permits it, You can allow mysql-front to work directly with the database. If not, you only need to install a small script on the publishing website. The logon information is stored on your hard disk, so you do not have to log on to different network interfaces.

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Mytop is a console-based tool (not GUI) used to monitor threads and the overall performance of MySQL 3.22.x, 3.23.x, and 4.x servers. It can run on most Unix systems with Perl, DBI, and term: readkey installed (including Mac OS X. If you have installed term: ansicolor, you can get a color view. If you have installed time: hires, you can get a good real-time statistics on the number of queries per second. Mytop0.7 can even run on Windows.

Mytop is inspired by the system monitoring tool "TOP ". I often use top in Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris, and you will probably notice some features from these operating systems in mytop. After mytop is connected to the MySQL server, it can regularly run the show processlist and show status commands and summarize the information obtained from these commands in a useful format.

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Sequel pro

Sequel pro is an application for managing Mac OSX databases. It allows you to directly access MySQL Databases on local and remote servers, you can also import and export data from popular file formats, including SQL, CSV, XML, and other files. At first, sequel Pro was just a branch of the open-source cocoamysql project. Some features are as follows:

> You can easily establish a connection to the local MySQL server on the Mac computer.

> It has all table management functions, including indexes.

> MySQL view supported

> It uses the multi-window function to support multiple databases or tables immediately

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SQL buddy

SQL buddy is a powerful lightweight Ajax database management tool. It is very easy to install. You only need to extract the folder to the server, which is no more simple! You can also perform most common operations. This tool also has many useful shortcut keys. You can view them here: SQL buddy keyboard shortcuts.

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MySQL sidu

MySQL sidu is a free MYSQL client that runs through a Web browser and is very easy to use! The sidu letters indicate select, insert, delete, and update ). Sidu actually has more features. It looks more like the GUI of the MySQL front-end software than the web page.

> Sidu supports SQL selection, insertion, deletion, and update.

> Sidu supports working on browsers, such as Firefox, ie, opera, Safari, and chrome.

> Sidu looks like the GUI of the MySQL front-end software rather than the webpage.

> Sidu can work with MySQL, Postgres, and SQLite DBS.

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Navicat lite MySQL Admin Tool

Navicat is a fast and reliable database management tool, which is very popular. Navicat is designed to simplify database management and reduce management costs. It is designed to meet the needs of database administrators, database developers, and SMEs. It has a very intuitive GUI, this allows you to create, organize, access, and share information securely and conveniently.

For MySQL, navicat is a powerful database management and development tool. It works with any version of MySQL Database Server (version 3.21 or later) and supports most of the latest MySQL functions, including trigger, stored procedure, function, and event, view and manage user. Navicat lite can be downloaded for free, but only for non-commercial activities.

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