10 new and most promising JavaScript frameworks _ javascript skills

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Learn about the latest framework to improve our development efficiency. 1. SproutCore

SproutCoreApple's explanation of SproutCore is "open-source, platform-independent, Cocoa-like JavaScript framework, used to create Web applications with a desktop application appearance and operational sense ."

SproutCore demonstrations: Photos, Sample Controls

2. Spry

SpryIs Adobe's Ajax framework.SpryThe goal is to become a simple way to implement Ajax. Designers with an entry level of experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript should be able to findSpryIs a simple method to integrate content.

Spry demonstrations: Photo Gallery, RSS Reader, Form Validation Widgets

3. JavaScriptMVC

JavaScriptMVCIs a powerful JavaScript framework. It is also a great JavaScript testing framework, which can also improve the development speed.JavaScriptMVCThe Model-View-Controller Architecture mode is applied to separate the business logic from the representation, making the code more modular.

JavaScriptMVC demonstrations: Error Demo, History Demo, Todo Demo

4. qooxdoo

QooxdooIs an Ajax application framework based on object-oriented JavaScript.QooxdooIs a powerful JavaScript-based GUI Work Package, which allows you to use JavaScript to develop Web applications with Ajax functions similar to VB/Delphi. Qooxdoo has a browser detection function on the client and a browser abstraction layer. It can create cross-browser Web applications without any difference. It provides convenient debugging interfaces, it features event management, focus management, timer, border, and object attributes. It provides a set of form components and extended layout. It also provides transparent support for cross-platform png images. In addition, qooxdoo provides an atomic component on which you can develop your own components.

Qooxdoo demonstrations: demo browser, Feed Reader

5. midori

Midori is a lightweight JavaScript framework. Even if there is no compression, it only has 45KB, whereas jQuery also has 54KB after compression. However, its lightweight structure does not mean that it lacks complex JavaScript Functions. Midori provides functions such as cross-browser Ajax and CSS selector.

Midori demonstrations: drag and drop, popups, toggle

6. Archetype JavaScript Framework

The Archetype JavaScript Framework and Prototype have many similarities. It has an independent management system that can initialize only the components required by the page. In addition, Archetype emphasizes that the code is easy to understand and the best way to separate it from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Archetype demonstration: Slidy Presentation

7. June Framework

June Framework draws inspiration from Core library and applies the module design pattern. If you use MS Visual Studio 2008, you will fall in love with the documentation it provides because it uses the Visual Studio code format.

June Framework demonstrations: setOpacity, highlight, getKeyName


UIZE is another JavaScript framework that emphasizes RIA. It provides many widgets, such as the date selector, table filter, progress bar, and color selector.

UIZE demonstrations: Slideshow With Wipes, Marquee and Image Port

9. SimpleJS

SimpleJS is a simple, lightweight, but very special JavaScript framework. It provides Ajax functions and dynamic effects. It uses a plug-in system similar to jQuery and MooTools, which can be easily extended. It is a perfect solution for developers who only need basic Ajax functions and dynamic effects.

SimpleJS demonstration:You can view the demos in the left side bar of the website under "Functions ".

10. Fleegix. js

Fleegix. js is a good event system that enables you to easily listen, operate, and trigger DOM events. It has a function that serializes JavaScript objects to the JSON format (fleegix. jason. serialize) and has some rich dynamic effects.

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