10 Open source projects, learn swift sooner or later

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In the swift language, the explanation for the Baidu Encyclopedia is: Swift: Apple's new development language, released in 2014 by WWDC (Apple Developer Conference), works with Objective-c on both Mac OS and iOS platforms to build apps based on Apple platforms. OBJECTIVE-C: Is the programming language used by the Apple operating system before it is imported into Swift.

If you want to learn more about the Swift language, you can also refer to this article: Swift or OBJECTIVE-C, which is a problem.

As an independent release of Apple's supported development language, Apple has also released a series of technical documents that guide developers to develop using Swift.

In addition, found other resources, recommend to everyone.

1, Alamofire

Alamofire is an HTTP network library written in Swift, developed by author Mattt of the former popular open source project Afnetworking, and can be used very simply for asynchronous network communication.

Requirements: Xcode 6.0,ios 7.0+/Mac OS X 10.9+

2. Surge (Swift + accelerate)

Surge is developed based on the accelerate framework for performing matrix math, digital signal processing, and image processing. In other words, it can quickly handle complex math, speech, and image signals. And still come from the mattt.

3, Swiftyjson

Swiftyjson makes it easier to process JSON data with Swift. This is the parsing JSON string wrapper class. The implementation function is similar to the json.parse in JavaScript and is easy to use.

Requirements: Xcode 6.0,ios 7.0+/Mac OS X 10.9+

4, Dollar.swift

Dollar is a swift library that provides useful functional programming assistance without the need to extend any built-in objects. Dollar are similar to underscore in Lo-dash or JavaScript.

5, Exswift

The exswift contains a set of standard types and swift extensions for classes.

6, Swifttask

Swifttask Swifttask is a state machine written in Swift, integrated with Promise + progress + pause + Cancel, using the Swiftstate (elegant state machine written by Swift).

7, Hanekeswift

Haneke is a lightweight iOS universal cache written in Swift and easy to use.

8, cartography

Cartography Swift declares auto Layout.

9, Sleipnir

Sleipnir is a BDD (Behavior Driven Development) style framework for Swift, inspired by the Cedar (a BDD-style OBJECTIVE-C test framework).

Core principles: Sleipnir does not rely on nsobject, is a pure swift BDD testing framework, Sleipnir does not use xctest, has good command line output, supports custom test reports, and so on.

10. Quick

Quick is a behavior-driven development testing framework for swift and Objective-c. Borrowed from RSpec, Specta and ginkgo.

Hopefully, these open source projects will help iOS developers, even if they're a novice programmer, who can love iphone development. O (∩_∩) o~

10 Open Source projects, learn swift sooner or later

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