10 personal internet security guidelines for PC users in China

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1. if not required, do not enter your personal information.
Leave it blank in the allowed places.
2. if not required, you do not need to fill in your real information.
If you can, enter a virtual information. If you are afraid to forget it later, you can enter a fixed Virtual Information and save it in a place, such as your mailbox.

3. Do not publish the Email or mobile phone number directly in the public display area.

As long as the Email is published, it is in a location that can be crawled by search engines. 100% will become a garbage dump.

4. Do not associate your nickname with your real identity.

If you do not want people around you to know your identity on the Internet, or do not want people on the Internet to know your real identity.

5. Use the "Remember password" function with caution to clear Cookies at any time.

This applies to computers shared by multiple users.

6. Do not use a single mailbox.

Emails used for dealing with machines should be separated from those used for dealing with people. You can use a mailbox for registration to ensure maximum security.

7. Do not use a nickname.

Think about mop's human flesh search. You should know that if you use the same nickname on multiple websites or forums, you can easily track it if others need it.

8. Do not use a single password.

At least, when you use a service, your service password should not be the same as the Email password left in the service. If an account is stolen, you can retrieve the password to your mailbox and find that the mailbox has been completed.

9. If a large number of QQ users add you as friends within a short period of time, refuse.

One of the conditions for appeal by QQ number is to know the five numbers in your friends.

10. Do not click any URLs sent via Email or IM.

This is what I told cainiao. If you know how to distinguish a URL, you can easily.

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