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To do E-commerce, you can choose Taobao, Pat, ebay or the latest Youa, and if you want to build their own platform, of course, first of all to choose a suitable e-commerce management system. Here is the 10 PHP open source e-business management system. If you want to do a CMS site, please read 10 free CMS recommendations based on PHP.

One, oscommerce

OsCommerce is a set of open source online shopping solutions based on the GNU GPL license. The system has an easy to operate visual installation interface, perfect front-end merchandise display and online shopping cart function, powerful background management and maintenance function module easy to use, 70,000 people's official community users and active forum, 121,300 already registered online store solution 3, 000 Mature Plug-ins for you to choose from.

Second, Oxid esales

Oxid Esales is an open-source e-commerce system that uses PHP to store data using MySQL. OXID Esales has a modular and standards-based architecture that makes it easier to customize. The system should have all the functions of e-commerce system, including: Business-to-business. Strong integration of marketing. Integrated Content Management System (CMS). Search engine Optimization friendly URLs.

Third, Magento

Magento is a new professional open source E-business solution that delivers unprecedented flexibility and control.

Four, PrestaShop

Prestashop is a Web2.0 online shopping system that is rich in functionality and based on PHP5 development. Prestashop has the characteristics of customization, stability and so on. The whole system is only 5.8MB, easy to install quickly.


Based on the mature specification of MVC, high-end Web application service development platform oriented to enterprise SOA, complete developer technical document support, including application server, modeling, business process, interface, integration, etc. Provide independent research and development framework, modular program code design and enterprise-class high complexity, high availability system development consulting and personnel training.

Six, OpenCart

OpenCart is a new generation of open source online shopping cart system based on PHP development. OpenCart has features such as easy to use, feature-rich, search engine friendly and nice and concise operation interface.

Seven, Ecshop

Ecshop is an open source free online Independent shop system, upgraded by professional development team maintenance, and to provide you with timely and efficient technical support, you can also according to their own business characteristics of the Ecshop customization, to increase their own mall features.

Eight, Zen Cart

Zen cart is a user-friendly, open source shopping cart system. It is easy to install, a variety of consumer models, unlimited directory depth, a variety of sales and discount models, a variety of display methods, XHTML template system, multiple banner advertising Controller, newsletter Manager and so on.

IX, Phpshop

Phpshop is an online store system based on PHP. Phpshop is simpler and less functional than other online shopping systems. But it's very flexible and allows you to tailor it to your own personalized requirements.

10, Php-multishop

Php-multishop is a virtual shopping mall based on Phpnuke and OsCommerce. It can be used as a portal with any type of content (such as news, forums, events, etc.) and one or more independent online stores. Each store will have their own domain name and have all the features and personalities that a typical e-business should have. Each store can be independently managed as if it were independent of the electronic marketplace.

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