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[1] plan your own path and do not follow your feelings! According to the ideal decision-making arrangement of individuals, most people do not expect to become an Academician or professor, but want to live a bit more moist and cool. Therefore, you need to carefully arrange your own trajectory. Starting from which industry, I will gradually gain an in-depth understanding of this industry, and do not change jobs frequently, especially to transfer positions for a small salary. In the long run, this money is nothing at all, when you have years of experience in an industry, the future money is not a problem at all. Frequent turbulence is not the best strategy. In the end, you are not thoroughly aware of any industry. It is always a newbie! [2] You can do technology and never indulge in technology. Never go into technology with one mind! Put a lot of pressure on yourself. If you put all your thoughts on this, you will surely become a character like Kong Yiji! That's enough, because technology is only one of the pillars of your future, and it is not the biggest pillar, unless you are willing to be an old engineer! [3] Do not be a technical master, but a general quality master! When we are in a company, we often look down on someone and say, "I don't know anything. Why do we get so much money and why do we get promoted !" This is a common example of engineer pedantic. Is 8051 awesome? People must have his skills, and you cannot. Do you think the boss has been operating for so many years? People may be good at management, understanding the boss's intentions, and department coordination. Therefore, we must develop our own capabilities in many aspects, including management, affinity, observation, and research capabilities. To become a master of comprehensive quality, we have no way to go. Otherwise, we can only look at the oscilloscope in the corner! Skills other than technology are more important !! This is the case from ancient times to the present! [4] Make Friends of the social education community! Do not interact with engineers only, think that there is a common language, but more importantly, communicate with other people. If you want to be a boss or a senior manager one day, these are the people you face throughout the day. Understanding their experiences, habits, hobbies, models of problem handling, and phenomena and problems in every corner of society will be a huge cost for future development, without these ideas, you will be dumb, stumbling, encountering many difficulties, paying a lot of tuition fees, greatly reducing the probability of success !? [5] knowledge is not necessarily specialized, but must be extensive! Let's take a look at other books, such as finance, accounting, import and export, taxation, and law. It will be more useful in the future! A lot of tuition fees will be paid !! [6] seize the opportunity to change to technical management or marketing! If you want to have a future, you cannot develop it all the time. If you want to change it to management or sales, the future will be even bigger. You have never done anything about technology before, and you will need it later. Management can cultivate your own leadership skills, sales can cultivate your own marketing concepts and ideas, and at the same time accumulate a huge network of contacts for your future development! It should be said that this is the true pillar of the future !!! [7] gradually overcome your weaknesses and personality defects! Suspicious, sensitive, naive (derogatory, not cute), hesitant, timid, worry-free, thin face, not black enough, teaching-style thinking... The general weakness of these engineers must be changed! Difficult? Think about it in bed. Of course, it is impossible to help your friends stay on the shelf for a month. The package should be effective and practical, instead of just thinking about it! If you don't overcome these shortcomings, everything is impossible, and even the project manager is not good-although you may have good technology! [8] prepare for future work at the same time! Create your own work environment! Configure a working environment for yourself as early as possible, equip your computer, oscilloscope (you can buy a second-hand one), simulator, programmer, etc. In your spare time, you can contact the market and cultivate the market feeling, at the same time, we have also accumulated funds. More importantly, we have to prepare our own products. We don't have any technical skills. Technology representatives are not educational qualifications and certificates, but products, you can transfer technology or cooperate with people to engage in enterprises! Prepare things first and wait for the opportunity. Otherwise, you will not be able to grasp the opportunity! [9] learn to be good at selling yourself! It is necessary not only to be competent, but also to be able to write and be good at selling yourself and building your own brand image! We need to create conditions for others to understand themselves. Otherwise, how can we know what you can do? How do investors trust you? Sell yourself out early. The opportunity will naturally come to you! It is a good idea to create a personal homepage !! In particular, it is important to cultivate your own fame in the industry, gain fame, and have a high-paying opportunity. In other words, it is more important to have a cooperation opportunity... [10! There will never be 100% !!! If the conditions are almost the same, you must be bold in your own business. Do not hesitate, do not hesitate, and do not necessarily succeed. But at least you have accumulated experience for the next shock, and never give up, in addition, failures are inevitable. I don't know how to see the rainbow. No one can make it right away!

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