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It is also a product that replaces windows, and Windows is always inseparable from the theme used for replacement. For example, 10 stronger software replace windows built-in applications. In fact, I don't think Windows Media Player is poor, or the software described below is quite good. But who told us that we are born to love and make mistakes. Therefore, see10 players that replace Windows Media Player.

1. VLC player

I personally feel that VCL player is the best among all other audio and video playback software. I can hardly remember how to face a coding problem when playing a music or video. VCL player is a highly recommended multimedia player that can play a variety of music and video formats as well as stream protocols.

2. kmplayer

Kmplayer is a well-known video and music player on windows. It has been used by thousands of people because it can play in many different formats, for example, VCD, DVD, Avi, MKV, Ogg, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, FLV and QuickTime, you can also perform the function of synchronizing subtitles. Another great thing is that kmplayer can also capture sound and video images.

3. Media Player classic

Media Player Classic is another software that I like very much! It integrates all functions. It is a lightweight Audio/Video Media Player that can play a large number of formats without any special encoder. It is currently maintained by the program designer gabest and decided to be open for use as opensource.

4. zoomplayer

Zoomplayer is another powerful choice for Windows Media Player. It can be customized and supports many video and music formats. You can also view images and execute Flash and HTML files.

5. Gom player

Gom player is also called gretech online movie player. It is a good and free multimedia player used in windows, and provides a very practical function, you can play some damaged AVI files by skipping the page frame. Most video/music formats are supported. If the video cannot be played, GOM player will help you automatically find and enable the page to access the required encoder, you can download the encoding to make the video play normally.

6. Winamp

Winamp is a well-known multimedia audio and video player. It was first launched in 1997. He has many features, including custom panel, podcatcher, string streaming media, Media Player support plug-ins, and many other features. It is still one of the most popular multimedia audio and video players.

7. bsplayer

Bsplayer is another great alternative to WMP. It features: play movies, DVDs, music, streaming TVs, online streaming radio stations, Flash movies, podcasts, and other audio and video formats! The complete media library and preview thumbnail for automatic detection and management of codec is free, lightweight, and easy to use! Before playing almost any types of multimedia files, an uncharged version requires an encoder (just like most) to play in a suitable format. The preset does not support.

8. rulesplayer

Rulesplayer is a clean and simple audio and video multimedia player in windows. It supports many formats, including. FLV (flash ). Supports many original codecs such as xanim and Win32 DLL to enable you to play any media files you want. You can even watch the video after downloading and installing rulesplaye.

9. RealPlayer

RealPlayer is a media player that everyone knows about. It is really useful to have features including a multimedia browser, playlist editing, theater mode, visualization, continuous playback, and staying at the top of the playback option, book menu, video control, media library, and others. However, it is annoying that RealPlayer does not include all functions in the free basic version. You can also purchase the full version with only 14 days for trial.

10. DivX for Windows

DivX player Windows version. The last introduction does not mean it is the worst. It is a great alternative software that can play any video format, outstanding film and music quality on the computer. Its built-in tools can help you organize your multimedia and other files.

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