10-point production experience for Flash beginners

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1. Before creating any animation, you must first have a rough outline of what you want to do.

2, drawing is the most fundamental basic skills, the picture of the bad painting is basically not a good animation out of the use of other people's things to spell out the animation, will never use their own soul. Flash guests who are the masters of painting.

3, the production of animation, should be done in a timely manner to classify work, static graphics will be converted to the graphic symbols to be used as a button for buttons, small animation segment to convert it into a movie symbol.

4, at any time suitable for the use of good common skills, such as the Mask Effect guide line, if necessary, combined use. Use the imported bitmap to transform the bitmap into a real vectorization of the vector graph or transform it into a graphical symbol using Flash's own tool

5, the use of action instructions. ACTIONSCRipT is similar to Java and is similar to a high-level language. Generally familiar instructions, such as stop,gotoandplay,gotoandstop, are necessary.

6, the use of buttons, the button is flash in the human-computer interaction and the game is not less, the use of the command button can play a very good effect. Buttons and buttons can also be nested, very good, you can not imagine the effect of

7, the production of flash games or complex animation when you can draw a flowchart, so that there is a framework, then there is a relatively clear structure of the

8, in the use of Flash as the homepage, it is best to make a loading to make the audience have a better bear psychology, waiting to see the animation. Loading on the internet there are a lot of good, the next change should be able to use. Flash Production Homepage There is a other web production software can not achieve the animation effect, and she and Dreamweaver combined tightly, in the Flash production page, to use action Geturl to make hyperlinks, the effect is very good.

9, the production of Flash MTV, it is best to write a story of the script, that is, the music script, like filming an MTV writer to write a script, and then determine the work of which several shots appear, each of the actors and what scenes, and finally in the determination of the drawing. (i) drawing a variety of characters, scenes and props. (ii) The plots to be drawn to produce a variety of character performances. (iii) Synthesis of character fragments to produce animated fragments of each scene. (iv) string the whole scene together and add music and lyrics to further adjust the details and complete the entire MTV.

10, to add other good effects of animation, you may wish to use a plug. A lot of software to make flash.

The 3D effects are made by Swift 3D, Vecta and so on. Swift 3D features a powerful, adjustable lighting object, a timeline, and a rich animation style and material library panel.

Vecta3d is relatively simple and it is divided into 3Dmax plug-in versions and stand-alone Windows versions. The animation function is not swift 3D powerful, but the rendering speed is fast, the precision is high by the Flash guest's affection.

There are swish and flax software to make text effects. Swish is a very stupid test software, easy to operate but powerful. It can produce flash text explosions, typewriters, fade, wind, waves and other very gorgeous effects. Now with the version of the improvement, it has become a very good integrated production tool, the most important thing is that it can directly produce Chinese text effects.

Flax is a similar to the Swish software, supporting the effect of more simple and gorgeous, simple and beautiful running interface.

Using these plug-ins the most important point is that these flash production tools to produce things can continue to import into flash, continue processing, make more good-looking effect. For example, the swift and vecta 3D are all everywhere swf files, edited in the import into Flash, combined with a more wonderful 3D effect.

Flax in the brilliant text effect, export it, and then import into the flash, the English symbols will be changed to Chinese characters, as can be gorgeous in the text effect.

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