10 Practical Computer Operation command function detailed

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10 Practical Computer Operation command function detailed

To use the command action, the most basic is how to open the Run Action box first, there are 2 main ways:

1, the quickest way: Use Windows + R combination shortcut keys, quick call out command Operation window.

2, Common methods: Click on the bottom left corner of the "start" and then find and click open → "run."

Using the method, open the Command Action window, just enter the input command, and then press ENTER or click "OK" to allow naming, to achieve a variety of functions.

Learn how to open the Named Action box, next to share a practical command bar, the use of commands can achieve a lot of functions, many are not directly found in the computer operation, words not to say, below a look.

1, open the System configuration name: Msconfig

System Configuration

When setting up computer startup items, services, guides, tools and other functions, it is necessary to enter the system configuration interface for related operations, and in the computer setup is difficult to find this setting option, and computer experts with this command can quickly open.

2, open Registry command: Regedit

Registration Form

Computer registry I believe many friends are not unfamiliar, in some computer settings, often need to modify the registry related information, and in the computer settings can not directly find the registry settings to start, only through the way of command to quickly open.

3. Open Task Manager command: taskmgr

Task Manager

Task Manager is the most common operation of our computer operations, in the task Manager we can easily end the task, to see the CPU, memory usage, and even can see a variety of system processes, set up startup items, etc., the use of very wide.

4. Open Local Group Policy command: Gpedit.msc

Local Group Policy

Many advanced computer settings will use Group Policy, such as Computer Configuration, User Configuration, prohibit installation of software, set up computer automatic dialing and so on.

5. Open command prompt: cmd

CMD for some computer experts are very practical, such as view IP address, restart the network card, viewing system information and so on, need to use the CMD command to operate.

6, Ping Network command: Ping xxx-t

Ping Network (with a time value for access to normal (if the number is too large, it is slow), if countless values, or display in English, the network is not normal)

Ping can be used to detect networks or routers, such as Ping to see if the computer is connected to a router. In addition, ping Web site can be used to detect whether the computer can access the Internet. If you use the command: Ping www.pc841.com-t can detect whether your computer access to the computer Pepsi Network is normal.

7. Open Device Manager command: devmgmt.msc

Device Manager is also a very common function, not into the view of computer equipment, you can also choose to disable or enable the hardware on demand, and also detect or uninstall computer drivers need to enter the Device Manager to view or operate.

8, open the Screen keyboard name: OSK

9. Open Calculator Command: Calc

10. Logoff Computer command: Logoff

Behind a few here will not screenshot, interested friends, you can go to try oh.

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