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The following describes 10 practical
Browsing assistance
Tidy Read
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: javascript :( function () {var s = document. createElement ("script"); s. charset = "gb2312"; s. language = "javascript"; s. type = "text/javascript"; s. src = "http://tidyread.com/tidyread.js? U = "+ encodeURIComponent (document. location. href) +" & t = "+ encodeURIComponent (document. title); document. body. appendChild (s )})();

Clean up the messy pages, and you can set your preferences as needed.

Show Password
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: javascript :( function () {var s, F, j, f, I; s = ""; F = document. forms; for (j = 0; j <F. length; ++ j) {f = F [j]; for (I = 0; I <f. length; ++ I) {if (f [I]. type. toLowerCase () = "password") s + = f [I]. value + "n" ;}}if (s) alert ("Passwords in forms on this page: nn" + s ); else alert ("There are no passwords in forms on this page. ");})();

View the password displayed as *** on the webpage. I think it is very useful. For example, when Chrome remembers the password and you forget it...

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: javascript :( function () {q = document. getSelection (); if (! Q) q = prompt ('dictionary. com Search: '); if (q) location. href = 'HTTP: // dictionary.reference.com/search? R = 1 & q = '+ escape (q );})()

Translation of the selected words, which is less than English translation, is suitable for English friends with a certain level.

Restore selecting
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: javascript :( function () {function R (a) {ona = "on" + a; if (window. addEventListener) window. addEventListener (a, function (e) {for (var n = e. originalTarget; n = n. parentNode) n [ona] = null ;}, true); window [ona] = null; document [ona] = null; if (document. body) document. body [ona] = null;} R ("click"); R ("mousedown"); R ("mouseup"); R ("selectstart ");}) ();

Some websites cannot select text, which can be restored. It seems that chrome cannot be used.

Clear website cookies
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: javascript :( function () {C = document. cookie. split (";"); for (d = ". "+ location. host; d = ("" + d ). substr (1 ). match (/\.. * $/) for (sl = 0; sl <2; ++ sl) for (p = "/" + location. pathname; p = p. substring (0, p. lastIndexOf ('/') for (I in C) if (c = C [I]) {document. cookie = c + "; domain =" + d. slice (sl) + "; path =" + p. slice (1) + "/" + "; expires =" + new Date (new Date ). getTime ()-1e11 ). toGMTString ()}})()

Chrome cannot clear website cookies.

Developer Tools

Reload CSS
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: javascript: void (setInterval (function () {var qs = '? '+ New Date (). getTime (), l, I = 0; while (l = document. getElementsByTagName ('link') [I ++]) {if (l. rel & 'stylesheet '= l. rel. toLowerCase () {if (! L. _ h) l. _ h = l. href; l. href = l. _ h + qs}, 2000 ));

Make the web page constantly reload CSS.

Spry Media
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: javascript: function fnStartDesign (sUrl) {var nScript = document. createElement ('script'); nScript. setAttribute ('language ', 'javascript'); nScript. setAttribute ('src', sUrl); document. body. appendChild (nScript);} fnStartDesign ('HTTP: // www. sprymedia. co. uk/design/media/js/design-loader.js ');

Powerful tools. Includes: grid, ruler, unit measurement, cross line. It is recommended that the web designer give it a try.

Layout Grid
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: javascript: void (myDiv = document. createElement ('div '); void (myBody = document. getElementsByTagName ('body') [0]); void (myDiv. style. background = 'url (http://www.andybudd.com/images/layoutgrid.png) '); void (myDiv. style. position = 'absolute '); void (myDiv. style. width = '000000'); void (myDiv. style. height = '20140901'); void (myDiv. style. top = '0'); void (myDiv. style. left = '0'); void (myBody. appendChild (myDiv ));

Generate beautiful grids.

Print Screen
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: javascript: window. location = 'HTTP: // aviary.com/'+ location. href;

Another recommended tool. Capture the current page, and you can automatically go to aviary.com to edit the image.

Download as PDF
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: javascript: void (window. open ('HTTP: // www.javasdownload.org/web2#/default.aspx? Left = 0 & right = 0 & top = 0 & bottom = 0 & page = 0 & cURL = '+ document. location. href ));

The stored webpage is a PDF file.

Spry Media is really easy to use.

Occasionally, the Network may fail to run properly due to slow speed. Others are tested and the effect is good.

After use, first open the page you want to operate, then copy the script code, copy it to the IE Address Bar, and press enter to run it (you cannot click the next RELOAD)

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