10 practical ways to turn off Windows 8 systems

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We have their own consistent way of shutting down, for example, from the Start button under the shutdown, but you know, in fact, there are many ways to close the win 8, now on the introduction of the Windows 8 system to close the multi-method tutorial.

Use the Windows 8 system to summarize a lot of win8 skills, to share with you below.

1, through the charms Super bar to shut down Windows 8

In Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the Charms Bar Super bar, hover the mouse in the lower right corner of the taskbar to pull out the charm bar, you can also use the shortcut key Win+c open it, click "Settings" can appear shutdown, restart and hibernate options, or use the shortcut key win+i directly open "settings" Options.

2. Create shutdown and restart shortcut tiles (Tiles)

Recommend a free software software: Easy to build Shortcuts (Handy shortcuts). No need to install, decompression can be used. This gadget can help you create shortcuts to actions such as shutdown, hibernation, and restart, and you can drag these shortcuts to the taskbar or to a tile on the start screen.

The gatekeeper and reboot shortcuts are dragged to the taskbar

3. Use shortcut keys to shut down or reboot

You can customize the hotkey for the shortcuts above, so that you can quickly turn off or reboot with just one click.

4, the Use of Shutdown dialog box

ALT+F4 This shortcut key combination is also true in Windows 8. Shutdown, restart, sleep here, in desktop mode using ALT+F4, select the operation to be done.

5. Use the keyboard to turn off the machine

Use the shortcut key "Win+i" to open the Setup interface, press the SPACEBAR again, press two times up the cursor key and then add carriage return to turn off Windows 8. Although it is troublesome, it is also a method.

6, from the system tray shutdown

This time also need to use the third party software, Hotshut function is very simple, after running that resides in the system tray area, right click the tray icon pop-up menu.

7. Define Shutdown button action

The next thing to say is also common in Windows 7. In System setup-Power options, we can define how Windows 8 handles when the physical power button is pressed, and, for notebook users, how the system will operate when the computer is closed.

8. Use command prompt

Open command prompt, shutdown input: shutdown/s, restart input shutdown/r, press ENTER to enter into effect.

9, with the right key menu shutdown or restart

With the help of right-click Extender, you can add a reboot or shutdown command to the right-click menu. Right-click Extender is a right-click menu enhancement tool that can add a lot of useful options to your Windows right-click menu. After the software runs, it automatically backs up the registry or creates system restore points so that it can be recovered at any time.

10, the classic shortcut key Ctrl+alt+del

This shortcut key is believed that everybody is familiar, Windows 8 uses the shortcut key to open after the interface below, clicks the lower right corner power button may carry on the shutdown, the restart, the sleep operation.

So the shutdown is not only a method, although the shutdown is a small action, but sometimes you may need to use other methods, so I suggest you still put these methods of collection.

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