10 programmer-oriented online programming sites

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Over the past few years, there have been many online programming sites (Coding playgrounds) available for developers on the Internet. This is not a bad thing, after all, if a programming site, developers will be bored sooner or later. On these sites, you write code on the Web page to see the effect in real time. You can edit all of the things and preview their effects. Of course, these sites are best suited for writing html,css and JavaScript code. The best part is that most of them are free and you can easily share your programming site with others, which is ideal for team work and innovative ideas exchange.

If you think about this programming model in depth, you'll find that this pattern is helpful for project collaboration. And if you use it properly, you'll reap a lot. If you find yourself having problems when you are in coding, you can ask your friends to come and play with you, maybe the problem will be solved quickly. So we want to recommend you 10 online programming sites, try these tools, and tell us how you feel, and always welcome your comments!

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1, Codepen

This tool is the most suitable for writing front-end code, which includes teaching, sharing and design inspiration in all aspects. This site provides many useful features, such as sharing code, embedding code slices, and so on. We recommend that you use Codepen for testing while developing projects.

2, Jsfiddle

This is a shell editor, and because you can use the JS library to write the client interface, so writing JS code with Jsfiddle will be particularly comfortable. Now you can choose some JS libraries to start your code journey. I think this is probably the best and most perfect JS development, testing and sharing platform.

3. JS Bin

This is a Web site designed for developers who want to test CSS and JavaScript snippets, and you can also debug your code here. If you are happy with your code, you can save your project and share it with your friends.

4, Cssdeck

This is an online CSS sandbox software, you can quickly test your CSS code slices, and can feel the completion of the work brought about by the sense of accomplishment. The tool can also display the number of lines of code and have syntax highlighting. The best feature is that you can share the code with anyone, be it your friend or someone else.

5, Dabblet

If you want to quickly test your HTML and CSS code slices, then this tool will be your choice. The software implements the Prefix-free concept to simplify the work of developers, and Prefix-free is that developers do not need to write CSS prefixes, which are automatically completed by the software. You can also save your code on GitHub to share your work with friends or others. Now this tool only supports Google Chrome,safari and Firefox, but obviously you rarely use other browsers, right?

6, Liveweave

If you're a web designer or developer, this tool will work for you, with support for HTML5 and CSS3 and, of course, JavaScript. You can use it to test your work or tools. I have a problem. You can coding with your friends to solve problems, write cool code, you can show off. It is worth mentioning that the tool also has code smart hints OH.

7. Google s Code Playground

When everyone comes to participate in online programming, we know that Google will certainly come to share. Google Code Playground is a Web-based tool designed to make it easier for developers to use the API interfaces provided by Google. You can modify the code and view the results. This tool allows you to view any code without opening an external editor. It also provides the developer with the default API, you just have to choose what you want to use.

8, Editr

This is a relatively simple tool that you can even build on your own server. Based on the ACE Editor, the tool is easy to build and supports horizontal, vertical and single 13 views. The first two views are for online programming and the latter for displaying your work. The tool follows MIT License, so I'm sure it's absolutely cool to use. In addition, EDITR design is simple and beautiful, will definitely recruit your favor.

9, D3 Playground

This tool is designed to support the D3.js library in a more comprehensive way, and all changes are reflected in the output in real time. The role of CSS is already important, so CSS code is already an integral part of web development, and fortunately, the tool is embedded in the CSS editing environment, you can easily write CSS code.

10, HTML5 Playground

This tool provides a lot of code and tool libraries for developers to learn and use, of course, many interesting new features about HTML5, such as the audio tag, interactive form, etc. There are, of course, many element, such as range,date input, and even an automatic check of the email address format. This tool is promising, and certainly can help you a lot at work.

10 programmer-oriented online programming sites

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