10 Programmer-Required Web site recommendations

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Programmer's work and daily life is very boring, here to recommend some programmers often use the site, but also I often on some sites, especially the first three sites feel very comfortable to use. I broadly divide these sites into three categories, using tools, design sharing, information exchange, and industry conscience. Hope to be helpful to everyone.

1,github Code Hosting (https://github.com/)

As an open source code base and version control system, GitHub has more than 1.4 million developer users. As more and more applications move to the cloud, GitHub has become the preferred method for managing software development and discovering existing code. Code hosting prerequisites.

2,dribbble Design Man (https://dribbble.com/)

Dribbble is an artist, artist, designer and other creative works of the crowd, to provide online services for online users to view the completed works or the creation of the work of the Exchange site. It's a great site for front-end design.

3,stackoverflow Technical questions (http://stackoverflow.com/)

Stack Overflow is a program-related IT technology quiz site. Users can submit questions, browse questions, index related content, and use simple HTML when creating a homepage. On the questions page, we will not pop up any ads, sales information, Java windows, etc.

4, the world's largest Chinese it community (http://www.csdn.net/)

China's largest IT community and service platform for Chinese software developers and it practitioners to provide knowledge dissemination, career development, software development and other life-cycle services to meet their professional development in learning and sharing knowledge and information, the establishment of career development social circle, through software development to achieve the technical commercialization of rigid needs.

5, Blog Park (http://www.cnblogs.com/)

Such a humble place, but attracted a lot of it technology elite, this place as their own online home, every day here to share the wonderful original content, perhaps they value is not gorgeous appearance, attractive reputation, but pure, focus, the understanding of technical staff.

6,v2ex (http://www.v2ex.com/)

Whether you are studying at the most important stage of your life at the university, working in a city in China, or enjoying life on an object in outer space such as Sputnik 1, after registering for V2ex, you can set up a location for yourself to find more friends in the same region.

7, Programmer's Inn (http://www.proginn.com)

We all know that the future is the Internet technology practitioners, more specifically, belong to programmers, designers, product managers ... So we need a place where these people can show their own achievements, build influence, export value, and expand opportunities. At the same time we help the enterprise team to find the industry's best talent, solve problems.

8, Code farming Network (http://www.codeceo.com/)

Programmer programming materials and programming experience sharing platform code Farm is a focus on programmer programming materials, programming experience, workplace interview sharing blog platform, to help programmers in programming development to obtain first-hand practical information

9, Nutshell mesh (http://www.guokr.com/)

As an open and diverse community of pan-tech interests, millions has attracted young people who are interesting, knowledgeable and willing to share, creating value with knowledge and adding intellectual interest to life. Here you can focus on the people you are interested in, read their recommendations, and share interesting content with interested people, focus on different groups, read what you like, and communicate with your friends, and ask questions in the nutshell to confuse your technology or provide a reliable answer.

10,1024 (You know)

The industry conscience, you understand!

10 Programmer-Required Web site recommendations

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