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How long do your It "blue collar" work every day is lying on the internet? To do a variety of browsing, preservation and paste, has been our subconscious action. That is, the early 2 to improve the efficiency of the small tips, today to share with you are proud to travel another 4 convenient features, I believe there are 10 functions of the auxiliary, they will be for your daily dull work add more fun. Just put down that blue "E" and let me see it!

1. Let your mouse grow on your hand

You know what? Only with the mouse, can also complete forward, back, refresh and other basic operations! With the mouse gesture, your mouse mobile path and positioning in the key on the time will be greatly shortened, using up as if the mouse in the hand, fundamentally improve work efficiency! Proud of the mouse gesture specific implementation is to hold down the right mouse button, draw a trajectory, Then release the right button, different trajectories can perform different actions.

The most commonly used have "down right" close the label, "Up and Down" refresh the page and so on. Is it a lot like the "trick" of a fighting game? If you are not proud to use mouse gestures, it may not be turned on this feature. Enter the center of the Proud tour, in the mouse control you can switch mouse gestures, custom gesture tracking color, but also to customize the corresponding operation of different gestures.

2. Save the page as a picture

Do you often need to save a large number of articles on the Web page for backup or future reference? Save directly to the structure of some Web pages, and even some pages are not allowed to save at all, and the entire copy into Word and layout ... Try a strong "full page" screenshot!

Proud to be able to save the entire page content as a picture, very suitable for use as a Web archive. The specific operation is through the Web page toolbar "screenshot-the current page screenshot" item, or shortcut key CTRL+F2 to achieve.

In addition to saving a single page as a picture, you can intercept all open labels as pictures through the Web page screenshot-All page screenshots on the toolbar.

3. Sina Micro-blog Tool bar

For students who need to follow the latest Internet information at any time, it may be quickest to get news from Weibo. Many media, independent blogs and celebrities have Sina meager, while proud tour also has a customized for Sina Weibo plug-ins, users can quickly share and access to micro-blog updates.

The download address is http://t.sina.com.cn/plugins/toolbar.php. Note that after installation, you need to go to the Setup Center-the plugin section to open the plugin.

4. Split-screen browsing

Click the Split-screen button on the Standard toolbar or press F10, and you'll find that the browsing area of the browser becomes two blocks side by side. The use of these two pieces of screen is big, you can open the editing page on the right side, the content of the left side of the page to reprint, modify; You can also open the description of the same digital products of the two Web pages for comparison; For forum administrators, you can open the Post list on the left. Drag the post connection directly to the tab bar on the right split screen for management. Click the button again or press F10 to turn off the split screen mode.

Summary: The above can improve the efficiency of the functions are proud of the browser's native features, unlike other browsers need extended support to achieve. Proud tour by virtue of its full-featured, easy to use features in office white-collar very popular, in this regard, will not lose to the Chrome, Firefox and other international big-name browsers. I hope that the introduction of the function can help us to better understand the tour, so that we use more smoothly.

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