10 reasons to reveal that Windows 7 security is critical (1)

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Analysis guide:Windows system security issues have always been a concern of users for every new version of Microsoft, especially since the rapid development of the Internet. Effective security protection is critical to any operating system. It prevents malware, protects the network environment, and ensures data security applications. However, reliable security is now particularly important for Microsoft, and it can be said that it is to restore the trust of Windows systems among users. If the new Windows 7 system does not provide much security protection, Microsoft will face a major challenge of system development.

Based on this situation, the Windows 7 Operating System Microsoft plans to launch this month has received wide attention. Many industry experts believe that Windows 7 will be the best Windows product in Microsoft's history, and it will provide more value than any previous version. It has even been reported recently that this is an excellent operating system. Compared with its predecessor Windows XP and Windows Vista, it not only has outstanding features in terms of system performance and functions, it even plays a decisive role in user selection based on multiple factors.

One of the most prominent factors is security, which has always been known as Microsoft's "eye point". The success or failure of security may directly affect sales in the Windows 7 market. In addition, Windows 7 may be the winner if it exceeds the security performance of the previous Vista system. If not, it may be a failure.

Therefore, Security determines the success or failure of the Windows 7 operating system, and how consumers and IT administrators make choices on the new operating system. Ten factors are summarized as follows:

1. Enterprises rely on Security

For enterprises, it is even more helpless to provide security assurance when operating systems are deployed. As early as in the previous Windows Vista system, many companies began to stop using the operating system before the release of Service Pack 1. As a new generation of Windows 7 systems, it can no longer afford any security questions. Microsoft is looking forward to helping customers innovate and save costs in business operations while the economic recession has led many enterprises to reduce their IT budget.

2. users' security concerns

In addition to the powerful features of the product itself, Microsoft also needs to worry about consumers' views on the next-generation operating system. If Windows 7 is not well-secured, there are vulnerabilities that are vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks, so that users will lose data, in this case, the new system users will not accept it. However, Microsoft firmly believes that more users will be able to understand the security achievements of Windows 7 more than ever before.

3. Market Share threatened

If Windows 7 is insecure, Microsoft can imagine the monopoly position of its operating system in the market and the market share will show a decline. If Microsoft does not eliminate this adverse effect caused by Vista in the marketing process of Windows 7, users who are interested in purchasing Windows 7 will, you can choose another operating system. This may mean that the Linux or Apple MAC system will gain an increase in market share.

4. Loss of Microsoft rights

For giants in the software industry, Microsoft has an absolute leading position in the IT field as an operating system. If the new generation of Windows 7 has security risks, Microsoft's dominance in the computer industry will be weakened. When Windows XP was in its heyday, international IT companies like Dell and HP had to work with Microsoft to promote their products. Whether or not Windows 7 can extend this right, and security determines everything.

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