10 section of the home page commonly used in the News list style design psd file

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No matter what kind of style of web design, and no matter how good the idea of design, ultimately, or to the end of the page to every part of the realization of the elements, navigation made what? What about news? And what about the product list? Solve these problems, Only to mark your final realization of the design. And how to determine the style of these elements in the page, not only the creative, but also need to consider the element and the other elements on the page, whether different from the style of other elements, so as to maintain visual interest? Is there enough visual weight to ensure a visual fullness? is consistent in style and overall page, So as not to make the whole style look messy? In my opinion, the answer to these questions is in addition to their own aesthetic and imagination, there is another way: to see what others are doing in design, and practice.

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