10 steps to protect you from ransomware (how to Protect against ransomware)

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These 10 things can protect you and your organization from ransomware damage.

    1. Develop a backup and recovery plan. Back up your system frequently and store the backup files offline to a standalone device.

    2. With professional e-mail and network security tools, you can analyze email attachments, Web pages, or files that contain malware that can isolate potentially disruptive ads and social media sites without business relevance. These tools should have sandbox functionality so that new or unrecognized files can be executed and analyzed in a secure environment.

    3. Constantly patching and updating the operating system, devices, and software.

    4. Make sure that your device and the anti-virus, * * * protection system, and antimalware tools on your network have been upgraded to the latest version.

    5. Where possible, use the application whitelist to prevent illegal applications from downloading or running.

    6. Isolate your network to a safe zone and ensure that infection in one area does not spread easily to other areas.

    7. Establish and implement a system of privileges and privileges that makes it possible for very few users to infect critical applications, data, or services.

    8. Establish and implement your own device security policy to check and isolate devices that do not meet security standards (no client or antimalware, anti-virus files expire, critical patches for operating systems, etc.).

    9. Deployment of the Authentication analysis tool, you can confirm after * *: a) Where the infection came from, b) How long the infection has been lurking in your environment; c) You have removed the infected file from all devices; d) You can ensure that infected files are not returned.

    10. The key is: don't count on your employees to keep you safe. It is also important to strengthen user awareness training, to warn employees not to download files, click on email attachments, or click on unsolicited web links in e-mails; people are the weakest link in the security chain, and need to plan around them.

That's why it's easy to poison: second, because for many of your employees, clicking on attachments and doing a web search is part of their job. Difficulty in maintaining a moderate level of scepticism. Second, the fishing style is very effective. Directed phishing * * * uses things like online data and social media files to customize the way you do it. Third, clicking on unexpected invoices or important information from the bank is just human nature. Finally, many surveys show that users believe that security is the responsibility of others and that they have nothing to do with them.


Ransomware is not something new. But its recent approach has been more sophisticated and more covert, suggesting that it is increasingly inclined to exploit the individuals and units running online in unexpected new ways.

Security is not a certain kind of work to add to your business than ever before. Safety and business operations are a whole. Make sure your partner is a security expert and know that security is more than just a device. Security is a highly integrated and collaborative technology system that combines effective strategy and lifecycle readiness, protection, detection, response, and learning methods.

Security solutions need to share threat intelligence to effectively detect and respond to threats in your distributed environment. Security measures need to be integrated into your network structure to provide seamless protection for the evolution and expansion of your network environment. Security measures must be able to dynamically adapt to newly discovered threats. and security measures must not hinder your business activities and business practices.

10 steps to protect you from ransomware (how to Protect against ransomware)

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