10 suggestions for comrades preparing for noip 2014

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At the request of Lao Hu, We need to write 10 suggestions =


1. Pay attention to file association, for example, close (input); close (output) before halt; there must be two sentences =

2. Everyone knows about quick release.

3. calculate the amount of memory occupied by your array. No matter how good your algorithm is, the memory overrun directly explodes!

4. Use some special (Viagra) data to verify the correctness of the program.

5. Do not delete the output of your intermediate process. Use // and {}.

6. Pay attention to the next time. Can you take off after the first question is completed for an hour?

7. Don't be flustered. Try to score some points if you don't understand them.

8. Don't just think about part of the score! (ZY said you ).

9. Don't change the code five minutes before the end, and check whether there is any file name error to avoid regret for life.

10. Remember to worship God.


10 suggestions for comrades preparing for noip 2014

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