10 things you can't do in your life

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1. Backward to your wall
Maybe this is a wall that falls down to you, making you unable to breathe. It may make you lose everything, but if you accept it in silence, the wall will fall down to you, if you raise your shoulders and look up, you will find that many things are not as bad as we think.
"Never go back. There is no way to go back ."
2. People leaving you
The person who leaves you is lost, not you. Leaving may be for a better reunion at the next intersection.
"Leaving is doomed to leaving too much ."
3. elapsed time
Time is faster than water loss, so you have to work hard to do what you want. In your life, at least you have to be worthy of yourself.
"Life in the world, look up and pursue excellence, but do everything you can ."
4. No selected Origins
Some are born to be kings, some are born to be nobles, but many are born to be ordinary. There is nothing in this world that can't be changed, especially if you want to change.
"The pursuit of all beautiful processes is the precious wealth of life"
5. inexplicable loneliness
No matter whether it is daguan or formal, no matter whether it is noble or humble, everyone may encounter the feeling of loneliness, often deeply lingering in the unknown feeling of loneliness.
"In fact, it is hard to find a friend"
6. Helpless forgetting
Many things we think will never forget are forgotten in the days we never forget.
"Life is always better because of memories.
Occasional memories are better than permanent memories. After all, the days will get better and better. "
7. Always past
One second becomes the next second. Since many things are doomed to be lost, the only thing we can do is not to forget it easily.
"Read a sentence-when you always remember the past, it proves that you are not doing well now. Therefore, good memories are good, but they will never miss you. We must always look forward to it and work hard forever ."
8. ridicule by others
It's your own things that keep your ears on others and your ears on yourself. We need to learn to smile and face it all.
"Don't bother ......"
9. inevitable death
Life is a process, and death is only an inevitable result, but the trajectory is its own color and temperature. Since it is inevitable, it is even more fearless.
"I really hope that a person has a soul. Do not make everything illusory ."
10. Hopeless liking
A kind of sweet poison that can't stop, but like love after all, not love.
"People are destined to be liked and liked by many people all their lives. However, there is only one option. And be loyal to this choice.
Love, how many others are lucky enough to meet true love at the right time in their lifetime ?......"
In life, nothing can be done without your own efforts.
In many cases, we may feel powerless.
It's not just you, it's not just me, everyone is the same.
Knowing that time is impossible, there is no need to hurt spring and autumn.
Knowing that it is impossible for a feeling to be deliberate will not find the dead for whom.
Knowing that forgetting is always inevitable won't make you forget for a moment.
Knowing that the past has always existed, there is no need to hide and show off.
Knowing that loneliness is always the same, it won't be difficult to make decisions at some time.
Knowing that death is always in the future, we can grasp what we can do now.
If you know this, you don't have to be reluctant to embarrass yourself. If you don't have to worry about it, you can do anything.
A little lighter, a little lighter, not so much for your own mental knot, the mood is calm!

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